5 Amazing Benefits of Massage Devices after Workout

After a hard workout, all you might want to do is lie down and relax, but that will just keep you sore in the long run. A better thing to do than hopping on the couch is grabbing your massager and performing a quick and easy massage for recovery. If you’re curious to see whether this habit has any benefits other than just feeling pretty awesome, it does. Here are all the benefits of using a massage device after a workout: 

DOMS reduction

While working out has many benefits for the body and mind, pushing yourself too far can lead to muscle soreness that can be very painful. While you can see a massage therapist after your sessions, a cheaper and easier solution is to grab a massage device and “attack” your muscles. According to a study, vibration and percussion therapy delivered by massage guns can have the same or even better results when it comes to reducing delayed muscle soreness (DOMS) or those pesky aches you can feel after a workout. 

Tightness felt by DOMS can be prevented if you work out regularly and increase your workout intensity gradually, but consistent use of massage guns can also help. It can reduce the intensity of DOMS and shorten its effects.

Injury healing

One of the biggest benefits of massage guns is the benefit they have on injury healing. Since these devices help blood flow (more on that down in the text), muscles can become enriched in oxygenated blood and nutrients which help the healing of injured tissue. After an injury, you can develop scar tissue that can be broken down with massage. In many cases, it’s even possible to prevent injury! By massaging your injured spot, it’s possible to improve mobility of the area and strengthen it while minimizing pain. When used before working out, massagers can help reduce future muscle damage, inflammation and any swelling you might experience. 

Muscle relaxation

Massage guns and other similar devices work by delivering light punches and vibrations to the muscle. These vibrations relax the tissues of the muscle as well as the connective tissue around muscles and bones which prevents them from contracting when they are not supposed to. This brings deep muscle relaxation while also reducing the muscle pain in the area. You know that feeling when you smack your knee on a chair and rub the spot? Well, muscle guns bring the same relief to pain and tension. Use your quality massage devices after a workout to decompress muscles and experience deep relaxation. The best thing about these massagers is that you only need a few minutes of application and you can use them completely on your own while at the gym, in the locker room, in your car or after you get home. 

Blood flow boost

As mentioned above, with massage devices, you can knead out all the muscle knots and reduce muscle tightness, as well as increase blood flow. And that’s not all—they can also improve lymphatic circulation. The lymphatic circulatory system allows the body to push out toxins and waste (mainly lactic acids and blood devoid of oxygen), allowing your immune system to work better and your muscles to be in top shape. 

In many cases, massage guns work similarly to compression socks, but they are much more effective. The punching and vibrations boost blood flow in targeted areas, helping swelling reduction, numbness and tingling caused by subpar circulation. If you suffer from reduced circulation, you can use massage guns after your workout and throughout the day, focusing on 15-minute sessions. Try using your massage gun three times a day to boost blood flow and stay ready to kill your workouts and recover from them quickly and efficiently. 

Muscle flexibility

Massage guns stimulate nerve receptors that help the release of lactic acid which usually happens after a hard workout. This behavior boosts healing and helps atrophied muscles regain their flexibility. The same flexibility benefits can be noticed in joints as well. With better flexibility comes a better range of motion and improved posture. Altogether, these relieve a lot of muscle strain and minimize the risk of sprains. 

If you want to improve your recovery and achieve the best sporting performance, grab a massage device and start using it after (and before) every workout session. In no time, you’ll notice great improvements in your workout satisfaction.