5 Best Places To Try Serbian Food In Miami

If you are planning to visit Miami for a few days with your family and want to try out some Serbian food, then rest assured that there is a variety of food, drinks and many more to enjoy. Here are five best places you can try Serbian food in Miami.

1. LaMuse Cafe

The experience at LaMuse Café is amazing. They provide complimentary valet for ample parking. All you need is to provide your ticket to your server. Their services are friendly, attentive, and prompt.

Serbian food

LaMuse Cafe is also a part-café as well as part-museum. Although one can see it as a small establishment, it actually has a lot to enjoy your valuable time at this place. Serbian food is light and healthy, but also very tasty. Perhaps the theme is funky and exciting.

2. Empire Lounge and Pizzeria

This serbian restaurant is a great place to go to if you want to have a great time with friends. It’s perfect not only for hanging out but also taking Serbian food and drinks.

Their happy hour menu includes food, drinks, and possibly hookah. Their main objective is to offer satisfactory services. You can comfortably sit outside because the environment is serene for outdoor activities. They have a performing DJ who plays a variety of music.

3. M House


The place is so beautifully decorated and very kind with professional services. If you are looking for a cool place to enjoy a dinner with your family, then rest assured that M House is the perfect place. Serbian food is always delicious, and you can find all the variety.

4. Rakija Lounge

This is a nice lounge, with some nice non-meat options to snack. The hookahs are nice as it’s prepared in an expertize manner. Also, their staffs are all kind, courteous, and attentive to all customers.

This is a great spot to enjoy every second of your weekend with your loved ones. Any drink of your choice goes well with exciting music being played.

5. Babylon Mediterranean Kitchen and Bar

This place is uniquely beautiful and is at a prime location. The tranquil garden atmosphere allows you to enjoy your meals outside. They have a retractable roof, so it’s perfect even in Florida rain. If you like trying something different, you can get yourself delicious octopus and stuffed eggplant. You can try authentic coffee and Turkish tea. They also offer full bar and lovely wines.