5 Tips for Creating a Perfect Outdoor Dining Area in Your Restaurant

Today, every restaurant should have an outdoor eating area. People love eating outside, enjoying the food in the fresh air and cooling breeze—somehow, food tastes better when we enjoy it outdoors. So if you’re planning to give your restaurant a nice outdoor dining area, here are a few things to consider before you start building anything: 

Create different areas

To add interest to your outdoor eating space and boost exclusivity, you can create little pockets in the space and divide your area. This is best done with planters and privacy screens made with natural materials. This provides guests with a better sense of privacy and allows them to enjoy their meals much more, not having to worry whether they are being watched or not. It’s also a good idea to place furniture in different groupings—a low seating area with armchairs and sofas for cocktails and conversations, a tall bar seating area for drinks and snacks and a medium seating area for proper dining. This can all improve comfort for your guests and ensure the ultimate experience. 

Control the temperature

One of the biggest issues for al fresco dining is the temperature. In the summer, the heat and sun can be overwhelming to eat comfortably outside, even after dark. In that case, you can consider adding shade sails or parasols to your dining area, as well as equipping the space with fans and misters. Once the weather turns and long sunny days turn into early chilly evenings, consider providing your guests with patio heaters. These will ensure your guests can use your outdoor space for much longer and you get a better return on your investment. 

Add a touch of life 

Restaurants with a large garden area where people can come and dine surrounded by nature will always attract customers. And if you decide to fill that garden with greenery and life, you can expect even better results. Plants and flowers of all kinds will look beautiful and provide a perfect backdrop for photographs. You can also go with some exotic animals and birds like peacocks, but in that case, you’ll need to invest in chain mesh fencing to keep your animals safe and sound. And if you grow tall greenery next to your fence, it won’t even be visible. Fencing is also great for privacy, which is something guests always want when eating. 

Light it up

Outdoor areas strongly depend on natural lighting, but after the sun sets, you can’t leave your guests in the dark. For outdoor lighting, it’s best to go with something warm and subtle, yet strong enough to provide illumination good enough for eating. Pendant lights over the tables are probably the best solution for outdoor dining because they provide focused light that won’t bother other guests. You can also drape the space with fairy lights for an extra atmosphere (perfect for a coffee shop). One thing that diners agree on but rarely receive is the ability to control lighting themselves. With dimmers for pendants near the table, guests can turn up the lights when dining and turn them down when enjoying drinks and conversation—this is a sure way to impress your guests. 

Go all-in with decoration

We live in the world of social media, so people want to go somewhere where they can snap interesting photos and treat their followers to some beauty. For your restaurant, this is free advertising, so make sure to provide people with plenty of interesting things to photograph. Besides flora and fauna, you can decorate your space with fun neon signs, a unique collection display and impressive centerpieces for your tables. Your plates, cutlery and glassware are also important. 

Creating an outdoor dining area for your restaurant is crucial for business today, so use these tips above to draw unique ideas and provide your guests with the best al fresco dining in town.