6 Most Popular Coffee Flavours Coffee Lovers Order

Did you know that around 166.63 million 60-kilogram bags of coffee were consumed worldwide in the last two years, according to statista.com? That makes coffee the most popular beverage in the world. Ever since it was first introduced, coffee evolved into so many unique types of brews, that it’s miraculous how we constantly manage to invent new mixes and flavours. Whether you like it black, short, foamy or with a hint of milk, adding different flavours to your morning cup of joe is always a special experience. Today, we’re presenting the top 6 flavours that every coffee lover enjoys in their cup of coffee.


There’s nothing quite sweet and indulging as a hint of caramel in your cappuccino. It will add the necessary sweetness without making you add more sugar to your beverage. The strong, smooth richness of caramel adds the needed kick to your daily cup of coffee, making it sometimes a dessert too. You can find caramel syrup everywhere and make your own special caramel macchiato or Frappuccino in the summer when you want to cool yourself.

Coffee Flavours


If you love the strong blend of chocolate, coffee, and milk, mocha is a must-taste coffee flavour for you. You’ll taste the bitter, powerful notes of dark chocolate, gently intertwining with the rich aromas of strong black coffee. The milk will smoothen the texture and add the needed subtlety to the brew that would otherwise taste too overpowering. From iced café mocha to a mochaccino, you can find an array of coffees featuring the mocha flavour.


The enticing aroma of hazelnut is one of the most popular in the world. Unlike caramel which is commonly added to lattes, hazelnut is predominantly featured in black coffees. The nutty aroma of hazelnut blends seamlessly with that of coffee beans which is why it’s a part of the most popular coffee flavours worldwide. You don’t even have to leave the comfort of your home to get that lovely nutty flavour. You can order the best-flavoured syrups online and have them in your home within a few days. Pour a little bit of syrup into your morning brew to make it more delicious, and start your day on a sweet note.

Coffee Flavours

Pumpkin spice

Pumpkin spice is one of the best-known holiday coffee flavours. While you’ll always find it at coffee shops and bars during festive seasons, it’s often included in regular coffee menus. The mouth-watering combo of cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, and ginger instantly makes your body and heart warm and filled with happy holiday thoughts. The first association to fall is pumpkin spice, which is why that is the most popular coffee flavour throughout the autumn season.


When you want to balance the rich aromas of coffee, add vanilla to the mix. It’s rich and enchanting enough to make you feel cosy without overpowering you with flavours. Light or medium roasted beans, vanilla will blend in flawlessly with any coffee. If you’re a fan of instant coffee, you will find an array of brands featuring vanilla flavour, among many others. From instant vanilla cappuccino to vanilla late, there’s a full spectrum of instant coffees for everyone’s preferences.

Coffee Flavours


Peppermint in coffee? Yes, you read it right. If you still haven’t tried it, trust us, you’ll love the minty flavours mixed in your latte. It’ll have the best cooling effect during warm summer months when you need your iced coffee to bring more chill vibes to you. Alternatively, feel free to make your winter cappuccino experience minty with a hint of peppermint on top of your vanilla syrup.

Final thoughts

Coffee lovers have been experimenting with coffee aromas for years now. All that has resulted in an array of coffee flavours that make every cup of this energizing brew more delectable. If you’re looking for a new flavour to taste, the previously mentioned list will be there to guide you and make you enjoy your cup of joe day after day.