6 Top Travel Destinations Every Digital Nomad Must Visit

Are you looking for more inspiration for your nomadic travelling? Are you eager to see more and enjoy more in 2022? We have a list of top travel destinations for digital nomads that will make the year we’ve recently started more exciting than any other before. From Europe to the Middle East, and Asia, you can find your oasis of heaven on any continent you want. Here’s where you should start from.

Go to Thailand

As a digital nomad, you’ll always appreciate the convenience, culture, lifestyle and delicious food of a new destination. Thailand offers all that and much more to every visitor. If you love outdoor adventures, going to Krabi in Thailand will be your cup of tea. Don’t count on too many coworking spaces, but many digital nomads will be happy to work in a café or a restaurant with a solid wi-fi connection. Fortunately, Krabi offers plenty of those and will accommodate every digital nomad in the best way. Koh Lanta, Chiang Mai, and Bangkok are also worth your visit, so make sure you stay a few days there too, if you decide to travel to Thailand.

Travel Destinations for Digital Nomad

Visit France

Are you looking for a genuine French experience that won’t break your bank? Toulouse is one of the most charming French cities that will welcome digital nomads with open arms. Forget about the challenges of digital nomads, such as finding affordable accommodation or a good internet connection because Toulouse will feel like your home. If you’re not looking for a quiet city, but you’d rather experience the hustle and bustle of France, Lyon and Marseille will be just what you’re looking for.

Have an adventure in Jordan

Jordan is one of the countries that you won’t see on many top lists of countries to travel to. Today, we’re here to right that wrong and suggest Jordan as one of the top destinations for digital nomads around the world. Exploring the dead sea, canyoning, and visiting Mount Nebo are just some of the activities you can do in your spare time in Jordan. Visit Amman and explore the ancient cities of Petra and Jerash. In Jordan, you’ll have exceptional internet 4G access and impeccable connection, so you won’t have to worry about keeping up to date with work.

Travel Destinations for Digital Nomad

Experience Argentina

Buenos Aires is the place where you’ll have the chance to mingle with many other digital nomads. Thanks to the nightlife scene, a variety of bars and cafes, the Paris of South America has become a favourite digital nomad hub for travellers around the globe. The majestic lake and wine regions surrounding Buenos Aires allow for a quick weekend getaway and offer a chock-full of activities. Low costs of living, great BBQ restaurants and unparalleled coffee flavours will make your stay in Argentina longer than originally planned.

Enjoy Greece

From beaches to mountains, museums, and galleries, Greece has a rich historical and cultural scene to offer to all the digital nomads around the world. You will find an excellent internet connection and cheap eats in Athens, Thessaloniki and many other Greek cities. Not to mention that food is delicious and tempting no matter the part of the country you decide to visit. Hop to the islands of Crete or Corfu on your days off to immerse yourself in Greek culture all the way.

Travel Destinations for Digital Nomad

Travel to Vietnam

Are you looking for a Vietnamese counterpart to Bangkok? You’ll find it in Ho Chi Minh. You can find a variety of foods, a bustling crowd and an array of activities. Ho Chi Minh is the perfect choice for all the digital nomads who love big cities that never sleep and offer a full spectrum of experiences year-round. Would you like to experience a little bit of France while in Vietnam? Hanoi is a French-influenced city with exceptional architecture, a myriad of bars, cafes, and sights that will make your life as a digital nomad so much more fulfilled. For a more peaceful vibe, we suggest you visit Hoi An. You will find everything from exceptional Vietnamese and international cuisine to fantastic accommodation at very reasonable rates.

Final thoughts

Looking for new locations to experience your digital nomad lifestyle is always exciting, but deciding on the location to visit can often be challenging. So, make sure you put the previously mentioned destinations to your must-visit list and pack your bags now. We guarantee you’ll have the best time of your life no matter the country you visit first.