6 Travel Photography Tips To Improve Your Skills Today

People travel for different reasons but one thing for sure is that all of us travel to explore new places and create memories. If you’d want to enjoy your travel, you must have a tangible memory you can keep for years and photographs can do exactly that. A single photograph can bring back loads of memories but it must be good and worth your time and effort.

In today’s digital age, people are relying on Instagram and other social media channels to demonstrate their life and travels and we have rounded up some few travel photography tips on how you can make them jealous with breathtaking photos.

1. Know your camera

Most people associate good images with expensive gadgets but you don’t need to break your bank and purchase an expensive camera to take amazing photos. What you have is what you need to take your travel photography skills to a higher level.

taking picture

Whether you have a mirrorless, point-and-shoot or DSLR, spend some quality time to learn about your camera and find out how many buttons it has and why they can be important. Study the menu to understand how to change the settings and watch YouTube tutorials to familiarize yourself with the ins and outs of your camera.

2. Research places you want to see

Planning ahead and knowing the places you’d want to see prepares you psychologically on what to expect and the kind of photos to bring back home.

You can read various articles on the internet, ask friends and families about the amazing places to visit or just scour travel guidebooks about your intended destination.

That way, you will know the best time to take photos, when the traffic is low and what time the attractions are open. If you don’t know where to start from, you can learn where iconic locations are once you click here.

3. Pack wisely and comfortably

When you are traveling the world, always remember to travel as light as possible. Instead of carrying heavy bags that will lug you around, opt to carry something you’d be comfortable carrying from one location to another.


If for instance, you need to carry a ton of camera equipment, ensure you have a backpack or carrying case that will make it easier on your body. Most importantly, don’t forget to pack comfortable and light shoes that will help you walk from one place to another.

4. Focus on the golden hours

Not every hour is suitable for taking photographs in all their glory and if you want to improve your skills, learn to wake up early and stay out late. Light is crucial in photography and the wee hours of the morning will create amazing images.

Besides, waking up early means that you won’t have to deal with traffic, there will be fewer photographers and tourists and you’ll take photographs with no pressure.

Apart from sunrise, the evening, particularly an hour before sunset is regarded as a ‘golden hour’ for its warm, soft tones and outstanding shadows that will help you capture amazing images.

5. Use different angles

Photography is an art and for you to improve your skills, you must be creative. Taking a good photo doesn’t mean being in front; it means getting creative with both focus and angles of your photos.


As a matter of fact, excellent angles can make a difference between a good photo and an outstanding one. Therefore, focus on your images and where possible, take a step back, to the front, to the corner, and to the side until you capture an extraordinary image.

6. Post process your photos

The images you capture can look unusual, odd, unattractive and lifeless in their raw form and the best way to breathe life in them is through post-processing. Professional photographers edit their photos using software such as Photoshop, Lightroom, and GIMP and using the one you are familiar with won’t hurt. Post-processing your photos helps you to improve contrast, soften color tones, sharpen image element, boost shadows, reduce highlight, adjust exposure levels and minimize sensor noise to make them attractive.