7 Easy Steps for Becoming a Travel Influencer in 2022

If you’re passionate about traveling and you like to document your travels in a digital format through social media platforms such as Instagram and TikTok, you might be considering becoming a travel influencer. Today, by being a travel influencer, you can earn money and make your hobby your primary source of income. However, becoming a successful travel influencer can be a challenging task, so you need to ensure that you’ve made the necessary steps to be as prepared as possible. So, if you’re wondering how to become a travel influencer in 2022, here are seven easy steps to help you reach that goal.

Find a niche

The best travel influencers that a lot of people follow and interact with are those people who have an authentic outlook on travel. Whether it’s a newbie digital nomad traveling on a budget, a married couple touring Europe, or a family with small children on a slow tour through the United States, it’s important to discover something that makes your travel stand out from others. This is an effective way to connect with your followers. Since it’s difficult to identify with travel influencers who post travel content that’s generic, it’s essential you find your unique niche if you want to be a successful travel influencer. Instead of promoting an unreachable lifestyle, it’s important that you post engaging and inspirational content on social media platforms to grow a greater following on your Instagram account. 

Choose a great username 

Having a great username seems to be a must and there are endless possibilities to come up with a unique one. What’s great about beginning as a travel influencer on social media as opposed to starting with your own domain name is the opportunity to change and explore all sorts of usernames until one stands out the most. Also, you should think about naming your content. For example, having good private story names is crucial for your engagement and connection with your audience. 

Pick an effective domain name 

The goal of any newbie travel influencer who started out on Instagram should be to establish a brand that goes beyond this social media platform. This means you need to have a domain name that is matched to your brand, and you could consider starting a travel blog. While free blogging platforms are a good way to get started as a travel influencer, to give your blog more authority, it’s important to invest in your own domain name. When picking a name for your travel blog, keep it memorable, descriptive, short, and easy to remember and spell. Since you’re building a personal website, opt for your own name as your domain name to help you create a unique online identity.

Share posts consistently

In the early phases of building a travel Instagram account, you need to pay attention to consistency and post volume the most. During the first few months, you should post at least twice a day. In order to grow your target audience, you need to set a regular posting schedule. The best practice would be to post content once a week or more and stick to that schedule. Also, if you run out of ideas for new content, you can archive old posts and repost the content as new for all the new target audience you’ll attract. 

Connect with other travel influencers

Choose a few Instagram accounts focused on travel that are about 40% larger than your own and start interacting with their content on a regular basis by leaving comments or sharing their posts to your stories. This will help you connect with other travel influencers, which might get you shout-outs or collaboration opportunities.

Help your followers feel important

By making your followers feel like they’re important to you, that you’re appreciative of them, and that you can aid them in reaching their own goals in terms of travel, it’s highly possible you’ll gain long-term followers, who will share your content and eventually buy your products. 

Identify a monetization model

If you want to make money by being a travel influencer, you need to identify a monetization model early on. Some of the ways to monetize your account include affiliate marketing, promoting relevant travel-related products or services, and sponsored posts. Another monetization model is to sell ad space on your website. 

Although at first the process of becoming a travel influencer may seem quite challenging, follow these easy steps and start achieving your dream job today.