7 Simple Ways to Create Your Online Presence for Your Small Business

In this day and age, the bulk of the marketing efforts envelops the digital world. For instance, according to recent research published by Forbes, as many as 97% of consumers use the internet to find local companies. That makes creating a strong online presence one of the main priorities of any aspiring small business.

But, this is much easier said than done to no small extent that the modern digital landscape is so vast, diverse, and expansive. Let us take a look then at some of the simplest ways you can put your business on the map without too much hassle.

Raise your social media game

To put it simply, over the last decade or so, social media platforms have become the go-to place where people look to exchange opinions, look for information and socialize. It shouldn’t come off as a surprise then that an average user spends approximately 147 minutes per day on these platforms. If you want to use this channel to the fullest extent, though, you should perform thorough marketing research that will give you a closer look into the habits of your local client pool so you can focus your efforts better.

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Put your company on the first page of SERP

In the introduction, we have briefly mentioned that these days, most people discover local companies via quick internet queries. What we didn’t mention is that the first organic result we find on the SERP gets a massive 28.5% click-through rate with the percent making drastic drops with each new entry. Here lies the true value of SEO – unlike paid ads that offer limited, short-term results, this method makes sure you always have a constant influx of organic visitors that keep coming in long after your campaigns are over.

Leverage focused PPC campaigns

Even though we have mentioned that PPCs are not the best solution for sustaining long-term website traffic. But, they do make a great and very deliberate tool you can use to reach short-term objectives and scale your website whenever you like how much you need at the moment. The companies providing bundled PPC packages usually offer integrated services that include ad extensions, keyword analytics, and ongoing account optimization so your marketing efforts create an even bigger overall impact.

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Use the power of content marketing

Speaking strictly in technical terms creative and quality content is an excellent way to engage the client pool and improve the conversion rates of your website. But, the potential of this marketing asset should be observed in broader terms since it is the best channel to use to give your company a unique voice and set up the branding foundations. The blogs and similar pieces of content are also a good way to lure in the people who are interested in the industry in general but are still on the fence about hiring your services.

Boost conversions with social proof tools

The goal of every marketing campaign is to, at some point, convert the targeted users. The number of the people who will ultimately make the leap of faith depends on the countless factors some of which can be tweaked by various dedicated assets. Enter social proof tools like Cue that allow you to easily validate the quality of your products by displaying data about recently added users. The number of such tools is vast, and expansive, and covers almost all areas of what we call the modern digital marketing arena.

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Get back to good old marketing campaigns

Although emails have been countless times proclaimed dead and, to be honest, constantly give way to newer, more streamlined forms of communication, they represent a reliable marketing distribution platform. As long as you understand its strengths and weaknesses, you can easily use this simple tool to send daily reminders, discount notifications, exclusive promotional offers, updates about your business, and all other marketing prompt that don’t require fast-paced, two-way communication with clients.

Offer web-exclusive promotions

Last but not least, we would like to remind you that all of your online marketing efforts are tied together and produce strong cumulative results. That is why small incentives that should encourage your users to explore online channels should improve your results across the board. That is why, even something as simple as offering small web-exclusive promotions, social media call-to-actions, or web-based referral programs can go a long way in boosting your other channels even without being integrated directly.

So, there you have it – the top seven ways to make your company register on the online radar in your local community. The most important thing to remember is that the modern online environment is too complex to put all of your eggs into the same basket. These few mentions make an excellent starting point for cracking this puzzle.