It all Started in Buffalo, in the heart of the historic West Side of the city, in 2007. A spring walk led me to a new life. There stood a vacant yet stately Victorian building, which only needed love, on the corner of Grant and Lafayette. Unexpectedly, I bought it that day. This 20,000 square-foot building had gone into a slumber for a number of years, but held onto its quaint charms through the transitions.

This was exactly what I was looking for, whether I knew it or not. I restored it — as I respected its spirit and played on the traces of its past. I grew to love my “new neighborhood” — an area dominated by immigrants. I would never have known the plight of these people, hadn’t I watched them as I rehabilitated my building.

Good people. Strong people, Happy people looking only for peace. I wanted to stay there, so I opened a coffee bar, hoping to be a piece of that world. Sweet_ness 7 Cafe and the Art on Grant Community have become a destination for those looking for the real origins of our beautiful city, for those who enjoy watching the world walk by — with the respect and love that all people deserve. Finally, thanks for believing in Buffalo and spending your free time with me and my amazing staff. We so are happy to be here.