Australia’s Most Common Dental Procedures

Do you wish your teeth were whiter and straighter? Do you experience stabbing in the tooth area when eating sweets or drinking cool beverages? Do you have a gap in your dentures? Whatever it is that bothers you with your teeth, it’s important to know that there are thousands of Australians feeling the same. According to statistics, almost 20% of Australians experience dental pain and even more of them have insecurities about their teeth. Before you decide to book your appointment and do something about your pearly whites, let’s get familiar with the most common dental procedures in Oz.

Fillings and repair

Probably the most common issue that dentists address in Australia is filling and repairs. Fillings and tooth repairs are used for healing a tooth damaged by caries, cavities or injury and making it look just like before the dental issue. The way dentists tackle these jobs involves cleaning the rotten parts, healing the remainder of the tooth and sealing the area. There are different materials used during these procedures, but most dentists today use porcelain and composite resin.

Root canal

Unlike fillings and repair (which are usually quite painless when discovered in time and handled correctly) root canal is a painful problem. Root canal issues occur when the tooth’s pulp gets infected or dead, causing pain and decay. Luckily, it’s still possible to salvage a tooth like that by extracting the dead pulp, cleaning the area and sealing the tooth. This is a job for an experienced dentist, so choose wisely. In case the tooth is not cleaned and sealed properly, it can cause an infection that can result in tooth extraction.

Teeth alignment

Teeth alignment is an issue that most commonly affects kids, but in Australia, it’s not uncommon to see adults with aligners as well. Misaligned teeth might occur genetically, but they can also be caused by certain habits (for instance, thumb sucking). This is a mostly cosmetic issue, but it can also cause teeth grinding, difficulties eating, difficulties speaking, etc. so it’s a good idea to handle misalignment with orthodontics. No matter if you’re a child, a teen or a full adult, if you find an experienced dentist working with a high-quality dental lab in Australia, you will get access to clear aligners that perfectly fit your teeth and slowly push them in the right direction. In a few months, your teeth can be straight and beautiful.  And the best thing is that clear aligners are almost invisible, so they are suitable for everyone from shy teens to serious business people.


This dental procedure is the bane of all patients. It’s common and necessary, yet can be quite painful, especially the recovery. However, thanks to modern tools and all the anesthetics and pain killers, tooth extraction can be quick and easy to endure. Removing a tooth is the last resort that dentists only decide on after all other treatments fail. Don’t avoid the dental office because you’re scared they will take out your tooth!


If you’ve ever had an extraction that left a gap or if you lost a tooth in any way, you can easily opt for this kind of cosmetic procedure. There are different ways to fill the gap in your dentures, but most people in Australia today opt for single implants and bridges which are included in the All-on-four treatment. As their name states, single implants replace one missing tooth, while bridges can replace several missing teeth. With implants, it’s possible to improve the patient’s image, but also allow them to eat better, speak more clearly and get their confidence back.

Cleaning and whitening

Over time, teeth develop a build-up of food leftovers, soft plaque and hard calculus material, all of which can be removed with professional cleaning. Cleaning is not only just a cosmetic thing, but it can help with gum disease prevention and treatment as well. Discolouration is another issue that often bothers Australians. Due to bad eating habits, smoking, drinking and not brushing enough, teeth can get that recognizable yellow colour that can be removed with an appropriate treatment plan (at-office treatment or over-the-counter solutions).  

There are more dental issues that people of Australia face, but these are definitely the most common. As you can see, there’s nothing that can’t be solved by a good dentist, so book your appointment today and start working towards making your smile beautiful again.