Bars With The Best View In New York

When you visit a city as big and grand as New York most people want to have an equally grand stay in it. That’s why the city offers so many choices for you to do and see. This is a principle that is applied all over the many different institutions and places that you can find in it.

Since the demand for good drinking and dining places in the city is big you can find a lot of different restaurants and bars that use many themes and find different aesthetic and culinary inspiration in a variety of cultures and trends. The website is an excellent place to start your search for the best places to visit while you stay in the city.

Besides the interior and the food and drinks, they offer you can also choose the view you want to have while you are in the bar. These are just some of the bars with a view that you can find in the city, and if you have money and time to spare take the time to visit them because you will have a view of the entire city.


This bar offers an incredible view of the city skyline, and at the same time, it has a lush vegetation them with marble top tables and even a menu for you to take a nibble while you are visiting. With Italian furniture and a crystal chandelier, this is a truly elegant and upbeat place that deserves the nickname Ph.D.


This bar was designed by the Sex and The City set designer and it has a retractable glass roof that can be pulled over the outdoor space whenever the need arrives. The bar is on the 21st floor of the Stand Hotel and the most important part of this bar is the view of the city skyline with the Empire State Building towering over everything. This bar is an elegant and urban place, meant for the urban culture lovers.



This is a cult place of gathering with a long tradition. The bar serves cocktails that change seasonally and some plate food with an amazing view of the city. This bar is in the Ink48 Hotel and it has a greenhouse for seating in the inside and an equally incredible terrace with a fountain and a view over the Hudson River. The food menu has dishes made from fresh seasonal ingredients that are bought from farms and regional suppliers.


This bar is in Queens and it is located on top of the Ravel Hotel. The bar serves specialized cocktails with an incredible view of Manhattan and the Queensboro Bridge. The bar is designed to have the look and feel of a lounge with modern colors and seating areas with different seating areas. This bar also has a weather protection system, that makes it possible for costumers to come all year round and enjoy the incredible view and atmosphere