Best Chill-out Music

Chill out is the shortened version of more conventional, slower music. It has evolved as a style in the last few decades. The original chill-out music was made in and around Boston during the early and mid-’60s. Nowadays, it can be heard anywhere where people are trying to loosen up.

Instrumental pieces

Some great examples of how to chill out involve closing your eyes and listening to instrumental pieces that have long been associated with relaxing, such as a calming rainfall over a distant beach or a fluttering of waterbirds in a calm waterfall. A great song that exemplifies this theme is By the Time You Wash Your Hair by the Coasters. This piece is on a long track and slowly builds up the tempo as the lyrics suggest. It’s a beautiful song and it would be a good idea to listen to this track on a long vinyl tape if you’re stuck for ideas.

Another great example of chill-out music is that of Enya’s Wonderful Tonight. For this track, Enya employs several instruments, most notably her keyboard, and uses a steady drumbeat to progress the song. Some of the other instruments that she utilizes include stringed instruments, glockenspiels, and even a sitar. It’s a slow-paced, dreamy piece that really makes you wish you were somewhere else just listening to this wonderful piece. This particular piece is available for download in its entirety on the studio album, and if you’ve never heard of it before, you might want to give it a listen.

girl listening to chill-out music on headphones

Jazz music

The term chill-out music may seem to suggest that there is some type of tempo that needs to be respected, but in reality, it’s not necessary to use a specific beat. In fact, one of the most popular chill-out songs is actually a jazzy, “zed-out” number. This song is by none other than Massive Attack and contains a steady drumbeat, but it’s also drenched in an ocean of distorted, dreamy vocals. These vocals are in reverse to most of the other songs on the album, but the effect is one of calmness and serenity. In fact, many chill-out tunes are recorded with a slowed-down vocal track to emphasize the dreamy quality of the music.

Another great track to chill out to is a track by artist Unknown and his group camp page. In this song, he mentions several chillwave artists including himself, as well as fellow hip hop producer Kanye West and former Spice Girl Melanie Brown. Of course, the track doesn’t utilize any actual chillwave instruments, but rather all the above-mentioned artists’ voices are blended into one beautiful composition. Melodically, it’s a slow-paced ballad about love and betrayal, but lyrically, it’s actually quite touching.

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We come to yet another artist who has released his own blend of chillwave and hip hop. This guy named Djennay Culkin has made quite a few single releases that utilize samples from instrumental hip hop and indie bands like Boards of Canada and Weezer. His latest chill-out track, entitled “Take Me Away”, uses the sample from Weezer’s “Everything In Its Place”. The track was exclusively available as a flexible download through his own Spotify page.

All these artists show that chill-out music is more popular now than ever before. Their music is fresh, it’s melodic, and it’s easy to listen to. Their songs are at ease with all styles of music and listeners can dance to the beat. As we’ve seen with these artists, those who want to enjoy some good mellow melodic music can do so without worrying about being considered a poser. It is actually a great relaxing activity for working moms to relieve stress.

Now, you might be thinking that there aren’t many chill-out artists who use chillwave on their music. However, there are still plenty of them out there. If they don’t use it on their songs, they’re not using it for that reason. Chillwave is a great example of how great hip hop and jazz can sound when they’re slowed down a bit. Just make sure you play the slow parts out because the people who love to jump right to the rhythm will probably get turned off if you don’t do that. Also, check out the music sample on some of these rappers’ albums and see what you think.