Best Haircuts for Summer 2022

Summer means only one thing – vacation & festival mode on! Of course, we are all grown-ups now with bills to pay and 9-5 jobs, but that doesn’t mean we can’t pretend on weekends that we’re on a summer break. When the sun is out until 9 pm, everything is brighter and lighter, our mood, our style, and of course, our hair. This summer we are deciding to party like is 2010 – even though we will be sure to leave our hairstyle there. Most of the summer in the last couple of years has been lost due to the pandemic, so there is a lot of making up to do – and we better do it in style.

Everything copper

Before we decide on a haircut, it’s important to establish the hair color of the season – and it’s definitely copper. The best thing about this color is that it lets you experiment. You can color your hair flaming red, and as it washes out, see how it turns to copper and find the nuance you like best. It’s a perfect summer color, it goes great with a tan, and it matches both earthy and pastel tones that dominate our summer wardrobe. Summer is the time to be brave. (Hey, Merida has copper hair color too!)

Balayage will never go out of style

Just like high-waist jeans, balayage will never go out of style, at least in the summertime. A natural, sun-kissed hairstyle is perfect for our favorite season because it doesn’t show if we skip an appointment with our hairdresser. Every summer haircut goes great with balayage – beach waves (our personal favorite), mid-length bob, and even Austin Powers-like bouncy blowouts.

Hair extensions – YES!

Summer is not only the season for vacation and festivals but also for weddings, bridal showers, bachelorettes, and the list just goes on and on. That often calls for fancy hairstyles, which are not always easy to make with our natural hair. Maybe our hair is not thick enough, long enough, or can’t hold on to curls on a wet Sunday afternoon – but there’s a solution for that. Quality clip in hair extensions will make your and your hairdresser’s life much easier. Nowadays, the color choice is amazing, just be sure to pick 100% ethically sourced, human hair for a natural-looking blend. Clip-in extensions can last from three to six months, depending on how you take care of them.

‘90s layers

“To layer or not to layer” is always the question, especially when a hairdresser is standing over your head with a pair of scissors. Well, in the summer of 2022, the answer is – to layer! This midsummer night dream haircut is easy to maintain whether your hair is long or short. The catch is to avoid cutting the primal length of your hair but still noticeably change your style. This haircut will add texture, shape, and volume to your hair – and it looks great with some highlights or balayage.

Out with the pixie, in with the bixie

If you like bold choices, but you’re a couple of years early for a pixie phase – here is some exciting news! One night in the ‘90s, a pixie haircut had a drunken night with a curtain bob haircut, so they made a baby – bixie. This is a great choice for a warm, summer season – not too short and not too long. It’s kind of edgy (well, so were the ‘90s), but a shaggy bob with a mix of layers is just the change you never knew you needed. For a festival look, be sure to think outside the box when it comes to your makeup.

Bangs – Jane Birkin bangs

Not all bangs are acceptable – we all learned that lesson. But Jane Birkin bangs, oh, they are another story. You know the story about Jane – a French it girl that sat on the plane next to the CEO of Hermes and changed the course of fashion when it comes to bags – but not many people know how she looked. She had that French, classy style and her signature haircut was effortless bangs that softly sweep across the eyebrows. Google it and take the picture to your hairdresser – pair it with long layers and prepare for the summer of your life!