Best Reasons Why You Should Elope

Why should you elope? You’ve heard the expression, “It’s better to be alone than sorry.” When you’re a young single man, it’s easy to just think that this is an outdated saying. The reality is that you should never be alone in your life. Now, when it comes to your marriage, you should consider just how much your life has changed since you were first married. And then ask yourself, why not elope?

It may seem like a crazy idea to you and your partner. After all, you two have been engaged for how many years now, right? So why should you consider doing what is usually viewed as an extreme step – getting married again, after all? There is so much to gain by going through the emotional and physical rigors of another intimate relationship. Here are 10 Reasons why you should elope:

Getting engaged and getting married is a major event in your life. And you must realize that there is nothing more important than your engagement and wedding. This is where your story ends. Your story ends here – permanently. It is a good idea to get this over with as soon as possible, especially if you and your fiance are not very open-minded on the idea of an elopement.

Advantages of eloping

There are actually a lot of advantages to eloping. One of the most obvious reasons why you should elope is that you will not be seeing the person who was your fiance for a very long time. Think about it: you will be living under the same roof as your fiance for the rest of your life if you elope. You will also have the luxury of being able to plan for a traditional wedding day. For those of you who prefer an elaborate wedding, eloping will certainly be a good idea.

Give up planning a traditional wedding

Eloping does not mean that you have to give up planning for a traditional wedding. Of course, that is also one of the reasons why you should elope. But remember, you can still have a traditional wedding, and it is just that you will be spending some quality time as a couple. And that is probably what you really want at this stage in your life: to spend quality time with your loved ones. You do not need to compromise your dream of being the center of attention by going for a traditional wedding.

a couple eloping

Not burdened by the social obligations

Another reason why you should elope is that you will not be burdened by the social obligations that accompany typical weddings. You will not have to organize a reception, you will not have to worry about purchasing a gift for your future husband/wife, you will not have to deal with the hassle of paying for a hotel and arranging for a driver. The truth is that when you get married when you are young, you tend to forget certain things, but when you get married at a later age – especially when you are a woman – these things become very important.

Save money

Why should you elope? There are so many reasons why you should, and some of them have to do with money. The fact is that a lot of people have to work full-time jobs during their days off, and some of them cannot afford to do so. This is why a traditional wedding is out of the question since you would have to pay for your own honeymoon. A well-planned and budgeted elopement allows you to have the luxury of a great and memorable honeymoon without having to sacrifice your working commitments.


As a man, I know you want to impress your wife/husband. By showing her that you can elope and still keep your commitments to her, you will really send a good message. By following your own heart on this issue, you will not only impress your wife/husband, but you will also show them that you are strong and in it for more than just one wedding. Just remember that it’s not what happens during your wedding day that matters, it’s how you handle the whole thing once you are married.