Best Themed Restaurants In New York

Themed restaurants can be a hit or a miss. In New York, there is an abundance of them in every block. In order to keep up with the new trends and good food in New York take a look at some of our findings.


This is a beautiful and cozy place located in Washington Heights. It is reminiscent of the Golden Girls and the walls are filled with framed memories of the show. The menu also has a lot of allusions to the show and brings a quirky atmosphere to life.


Boudoir is designed to display opulence which reminds us of the Marie Antoinette era in French history. The prominent colors are gold and red which adds to the regal style. The menu is abundant with typical French bites and desserts.


This Hollywood themed restaurant is a perfect representation of a glamorous era. In the good old days, it was known as the Astor. It was a meeting place for many Hollywood stars and often organized movie screening nights.

The restaurant itself has kept the cinematic tradition alive but renewed the menu many times. It is a great amalgam of retro and modern.

Today, it is one of the best places to get some good brunch in Astoria NY


This diner makes you feel like you’re living in the Roaring Twenties. It has amazing food and is decorated to resemble cabaret design. It has dimmed lights and live music and will surely make you believe in time travel.


A not so standard representation of Japanese culture the Ninja will leave you amazed. It serves some experimental dishes and has made a name for itself by embracing the famous Japanese warrior tradition.


Times Square is one of the most popular spots in the world. This is why you shouldn’t miss a chance to dine in a classic New York restaurant with a Broadway theme.

Be sure to order the traditional American combination – burger and fries. Enjoy the show-tunes which are full of nostalgia.


Have you ever wondered what a Harry Potter theme does to a restaurant? Well, we have. And we found this place. Get all of your fellow fans rounded up and head on towards some great pasta. This is a casual place so you don’t need to worry about the dress code.


Though it doesn’t sound very appealing, this fabulous place is set in East Village. The best way to describe it is to say it’s an Edgar Allan Poe poem which came to life.

This is a Tim Burton themed restaurant with a distinct gothic style. Even the staff is dressed for the occasion.


This place is a very fun Mexican restaurant. It has colorful decoration and Elvis memorabilia all around. It is eclectic, to say the least. The food makes up for the somewhat confusing theme.


A pharmacy does not sound like the best place to grab a bite. However, for this place, we can look the other way since it is the best recreation of a 1920s pharmacy.