Choosing the Right Countertops to Complement Your Kitchen

There is no doubt that countertops are amongst the key focal points of just about any kitchen design. This is why you must never overlook them if you want your kitchen to really stand out from all that clutter out there. Look at it this way, day after day, there is just so much happening on your countertop ranging from water and sauce spills all the way to cuts and scratches, not to mention all the pots, pans, and other utensils that crowd the place. Since the countertop is the first place anyone ever looks, might as well go right ahead and make that ultimate statement. Let us see how you can go about choosing the perfect countertop that will complement your kitchen no end:

  • Granite countertops

When it comes to a kitchen countertop, granite is the undisputed lord of all that you survey in the countertop department. A granite countertop can give a touch of class to even the most staid and dull kitchen. Best of all there are just so many colors to choose from so you would never feel the need to change it. Moreover, there won’t be any real need to change it as such, since a granite countertop can easily outlast the rest of the furniture in your kitchen. Furthermore, you don’t have to cut the granite into small slabs and thereby mar its pristine look. You can easily do the needful by getting it ordered cut to size so that there won’t be any breaks in its flawless purity. It is also largely impervious to cuts and scratches as well, nor does it dull easily. 

  • Marble kitchen countertops

If you prefer the natural look then the marble countertop would be a great addition to your kitchen. Not only will it give your kitchen a really elegant look, but it is also pretty long-lasting as well. One of its most enduring appeals lies in the almost bewildering variety of colors to choose from that are all but guaranteed to look great in your kitchen. Marble countertops are also very sturdy and they can easily last for a pretty long time indeed. Not only that, but they are also not very expensive either, so you can always go for one if you are on a budget and can’t afford a really expensive granite top. If you take proper care, your marble top will certainly last a very long time indeed.  

  • Find the right company to install your desired countertop 

While selecting that great countertop is all well and good, it would have to be installed by true-blue professionals who really know their job well. Here, you should consider working with professional kitchen remodeling contractors such as those from Cabinet IQ who will not only help you to select the best countertops but also help you install them as well. Here, the slightest mistake in cutting and installation of the countertop slab can effectively mar its finish permanently, thereby wasting all your money. 

  • Bamboo countertops

If you are ecologically minded, it would be a great idea to opt for a bamboo countertop. Not only are they very fast growing but bamboo is a rapidly renewable resource that is both elegant as well as eco-friendly. Since it is a sort of extremely tough grass it will work like wood and indeed, look like wood too. There are plenty of grain patterns and colors that will go pretty well with your kitchen. Since it’s a tough resinous material, you can rest assured that it would be largely impervious to heat, scratches, as well as water damage. Moreover, you can also clean it pretty easily with a few simple swipes of your paper towel. 

  • Quartz stone countertops

Where durability and style are top considerations then quartz is a standard ‘go-to’ choice.  As a matter of fact, you would be hard put to stain scratch, dent, or otherwise damage this type of countertop. Since it is essentially non-porous, this also means that bacteria and viruses won’t survive long on its surface.  

  • Conclusion

Selecting the ‘just right’ countertop for your kitchen is but a mere part of the kitchen renovation project. If you don’t get it professionally installed by experts your new kitchen countertop might end up running the entire look of your kitchen.