Do You Match Your Makeup To Your Clothes

Have you ever found yourself getting ready for an occasion or great night out and you find yourself in some shape or form distraught? Your fabulous outfit which you may have bought specially for the occasion all neatly set out ready to be worn matching with your makeup perfectly.

Use the mirror to march your outfit?

You look at the time, only 10 minutes left before your ride arrives! You’re now racing against time! OK, calm down! Everything is in control! You put on your lingerie.

Make Up

Now time to put on your final piece; your outfit! On it goes; you have a final look in the mirror. What! Your bra doesn’t seem to be sitting underneath quite right! You have blown it, and you’re definitely running out of time too! So what do you do and what should you have done in the first place? Match your makeup color with your clothes! Click here to Get More Information

Many of us, especially when we’re in a rush, throw on our ladies’ clothes including the bottoms, be it ladies briefs, ladies thongs or short without giving a thought whether we’re displaying the outlines of our pretty underwear.

I guess nowadays it appears acceptable on some occasions that underwear for ladies to be on display. That is the part of your clothes straps, cups. Sometimes displaying far too much is not good.

Plan before you get out

Make Up

So next time you’re planning an occasion or night out, why not spare a minute or two to select your matching women’s underwear against your outfit carefully. You will save yourself disappointment at the last minute and the time too.

Even when getting ready for work, why not apply it too, getting everything ready, including your accessories set out the night before (I do!). It’s not so difficult getting the perfect smooth silhouette and everything else in place. So why will you not try? You will find out it really works, for those that are already doing this high five!