Eco-Friendly: 6 Easy Ways to Minimize Waste in Coffee Shops

Problems like plastic pollution, climate change, and many others are more in the spotlight nowadays all over the globe. In addition, today’s consumers increasingly pay attention to the importance of businesses focused on environmentally-friendly practices, waste reduction, and sustainability. Therefore, as a restaurant or café owner, it is essential to include environmentally friendly practices in your business. Although some of those practices may take a long time to implement, many can be effortlessly put into place today. So remember: if you, as a coffee shop owner, are concerned about the environment, so are your customers.

We present to you six easy ways to minimize waste in your coffee shops and try to make a sustainability advantage for your business model.

Weigh your coffee 

One of the most effective ways to decrease waste is coffee weighing. Instead of just guessing, when you pre-weigh your coffee for espresso or filter use, it speeds up service and drastically enhances accuracy and consistency. That means you quicker and more cost-effectively make better coffee. Besides, you probably won’t need any new equipment. When it comes to making filter coffee, ensure that it is prepared on a scale with a volumetric water dispenser. If you don’t weigh your water, it can lead to an absolute catastrophe.

Choose reusable mugs

Although cartons or paper cups that you take in coffee shops may keep your beverages warm, some of them aren’t recyclable. Most of those cups are coated in plastic, and it is estimated that 16 billion of those cups are used yearly. That practice has a vast undesirable environmental impact, including wasting four billion gallons of water and destroying 6.5 million trees. The most effective solution is to invest in reusable mugs. According to a Centre for Sustainable Systems report, those cups have a lower environmental impact. That is particularly true if you use an energy-efficient dishwasher or cold water to clean them. Besides, many coffee shops offer discounts to consumers who buy one of the cups or bring their own.

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Get an eco-friendly coffee machine

Eco-friendly coffee machines help decrease the waste of single-use plastics. Therefore, opt for a more energy-efficient machine. That option is usually non-electric and less complicated. In addition, consider the French press, pour-over coffee maker, or cold brew. While deciding which machine is suitable for you, keep in mind a few things: material used, energy consumption, and what you will be throwing away after the cup has been used.

Opt for waste chute system services

Waste management is an immense problem worldwide and in Australia too. Fortunately, you can find trustworthy masters of waste management and circular waste management in that country. For instance, if you need a waste chute in Melbourne, there are companies that install and manufacture custom-planned waste chute systems for a variety of industries as well as for coffee shops. By developing highly technological waste chute systems, they meet the highest standards in solutions that take care of the planet. So if you are a restaurant or coffee shop owner, waste chute system services are the best solution for safely, quickly, and conveniently moving all your waste.

Choose digital solutions instead of paper whenever it is possible

There’s no reason coffee shops and restaurants can’t be paperless like many businesses nowadays. You probably have noticed that today is less common to see a paper menu on the tables. Cafe and restaurant owners are transitioning to ordinary wooden blackboards above the sales point or even digital menus. Namely, if the menu is placed on your coffee shop’s website, promote it in as many ways as possible to encourage your customers to use their smartphones while choosing the beverage or food. In addition, digital loyalty programs enable customers to get some points and use them for rewards instead of using plastic or paper membership cards. That is a simple step you can take to be sustainable and provide significant benefits for your customers as well as your coffee shop.

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Repurpose or recycle old furniture and décor

With this, you have an opportunity to make your business unique and have some fun. It is also a way to extend your tendency to use sustainable products in every business aspect. Repurposed or recycled chairs and tables are often not too expensive and can give your coffee shop a more trendy style. For instance, you can also get bamboo-based furniture to gain that effect. You can wash and reuse table cloths and napkins as well as glasses, dishes, and mugs. Rest assured that customers will notice and appreciate your effort and, as a result, become more loyal. 

Every coffee shop owner can try to minimize waste in their facilities. It is up to them to take the first step and become eco-friendly whenever they want. That endeavor, for instance, requires only properly organizing your trash, going digital, repurposing, and removing all the unsustainable and unnecessary things.