Fashion Tips for Women Seeking a Relaxed Fit

Sometimes, you just want to chill out and enjoy your day without feeling trapped by your clothing. When you feel like that, your safest bet is to reach for something with a relaxed fit. In theory, it’s very easy to dress casually, but in practice, you can often end up looking like a slob. To rock your relaxed fit and still look polished, here are a few tips to follow: 

Invest in the right pair of jeans

Many casual outfits start with a good pair of jeans. Maybe jeans aren’t your idea of a relaxed fit, but if you choose the right pair, they can be very comfortable. When shopping, try many different styles and see which ones look flattering yet feel comfortable. For many, something with a straight leg and high rise will be super comfortable, suitable for many occasions and easily paired with different tops and shoes. 

Splurge on quality items

Clothing items with a relaxed fit need to be made with quality fabrics if you want to look polished and put together in them. When choosing a t-shirt with a relaxed fit, don’t hesitate to spend a little more money on quality items. Shop around for fabrics and shape that you like and then buy a few items in different neutral shades (this is an especially useful tip for t-shirts you can layer). No matter what you pair your loose items with, if they have the right material, they will make you look polished and feel comfortable. 

Dive into boyfriend fashion

If you’re new to wearing baggy clothing and relaxed outfits, don’t spend thousands of dollars to reimagine your closet. Instead, go look around your boyfriend’s or male friend’s closet and try out a few oversized t-shirts and shirts they don’t wear anymore. If you find something you like, you can buy an item for yourself. For instance, women look amazing in mens terry cloth polo t-shirts so don’t hesitate to look for something like that in your boyfriend’s closet or online. When choosing sizes, opt for something that skims the body yet still looks flattering (it’s more than possible to find a size that fits you). 

Look for timeless knitwear

Knitwear is the king of relaxed fits. Good knitwear pieces are relaxed and cozy, but not overly baggy and shapeless. When buying knitwear, you’ll be delighted with all the different stiches, styles, lengths and colors, which means you can play around with many different looks. Just to be sure, start with something lighter like cashmere—it will give you comfort yet allow you to exhibit your beautiful shape. 

Embrace midi dresses

When it comes to relaxed fits, midi dresses are where it’s at. This style is very comfortable, suitable for bothersome hot weather, yet perfectly wearable in many semi-formal situations. Because they are just the right length, midi dresses are suitable for all sorts of situations while allowing you to show off your style. For instance, you can wear your midi dress to pick up kids from school, grab coffee with friends or go on a summer dinner date. It’s even suitable for casual Fridays at work. Pair your dress with cute sandals and you’re ready to roll. 

Consider wearing a jumpsuit

When you don’t feel like wasting time on matching shirts and pants, why not reach for a jumpsuit? Jumpsuits are super comfortable and they give you a great sense of safety. You can bend over without the fear of revealing unwanted things, which makes them perfect for many activities. If you’re not ready to switch from fitted wear to mom jeans, a jumpsuit will be a nice middle ground that’s glamorous yet comfortable. And if you choose a basic color, you can style it with many things from leather jackets and plaid shirts to blazers, knitwear and t-shirt. When it comes to shoes, jumpsuits match every single style from casual sneakers to elevated heels. 

Layer for the win

To make any relaxed fit more elegant, don’t hesitate to put on some layers. To pull together your casual look and make it more elegant, a duster with pull the look together. It’s also possible to make any relaxed outfit more fashionable with a trench or a wool jacket for chilly days. 

If you’re up to trying a few relaxed-fit outfit combos, use these ideas for inspiration and create your own style that will provide you with comfort without robbing you of elegance.