Four Interior Design Approaches for Decorating Your New Coffee Shop

Owning a quaint little coffee shop on the corner of a bustling street sounds like the beginning of a grand fictional adventure – one that an abundance of young entrepreneurs appears to be striving toward. In short, the coffee shop business is full bloom this year. 

However, with interest comes competition. This means that newbie owners will need to go the extra mile to assure their coffee shop is an astounding success. While the secret latte recipe is your golden ticket, there is another aspect that could make or break your shop – its interior design. When putting the café together, ask yourself – what kind of community will this place create? Once you’re set on the answer, the advice below will help you achieve it.

The vibe – what your café is all about

When working on any project, it’s pivotal to have a goal in sight – the same is true for coffee shop design. Before demolition day, you need to know what design you’re working toward – is the place going to be a cozy cat café, or is it to have an industrial interior? 

Whichever style you end up choosing should work for a wide array of individuals. Remember, not everyone comes to coffee shops just for the coffee anymore – some come to catch up with old friends while others come to work. The interior should be welcoming for everyone, allowing people to both work and enjoy themselves while having a cup of fresh coffee. 

Photo by Unsplash

The furniture – putting it all together 

The walls and ceiling make up the outer layer of your café. However, they can only subtly hint at the interior design the shop was aiming for – in reality, what brings the place together is the furniture. The tables and chairs are the first things that will capture customers’ eyes. In other words, they need to make a statement. While they don’t need to be flamingo pink, they should be able to capture the feel of the place.

Along with their design, the chairs and tables should also be of high quality. Even though they may seem expensive, you should look at them as an investment. After all, metropolitan cities like Sydney are swarming with cafés and if your coffee shops are meant for success, quality tables and chairs are part of the bargain. One way to get this right is to go classic – no café with bentwood chairs in Sydney can do any wrong. This design is both comfortable and versatile, meaning that it will go with just about any interior you choose.  

The atmosphere – what brings customers back 

In recent years, more and more coffee shops have been opting for an industrial theme. While this design is undoubtedly contemporary, it also comes with the risk of feeling cold and uninviting if done wrong. Regardless of its design, a café should always appear inviting, like a place you want to go back to. 

Thus, even if you decide on a more contemporary design, consider adding a few warmer pieces to brighten up the place. These don’t need to be anything grand but rather something that works with the overall feel of the place – a couple of throw pillows or memorable mugs will do the trick. Another amazing yet simple solution is plants – they’ll give the café a warm feel, without overshadowing the design. 

Photo by Unsplash

The lighting – what you see is what you get

When designing a coffee shop, owners rarely focus any of their attention on the lighting, thinking that their job is done if the electrical checks out. However, a café’s lighting is much more important than meets the eye. For one, the lamps and bulbs need to be in line with the overall design of the shop – here, simple bulbs just won’t cut it as they’ll look strange and out of place. 

Another pivotal aspect to consider is intensity. If your café is to have an intimate atmosphere, the light can’t be coming out of every corner. A simple solution for this is installing lights with adjustable intensity. Thus, the shop could have an intimate lounge on one side and a well-lit workstation on the other.


While all these approaches to interior design are important, they work best together and with a clear and defined vision. Thus, when designing your new coffee shop, think of the feeling you’re trying to capture with its interior and then work all these aspects into this idea.