How Can Bar Inventory Control Increase Your Revenue

The owner of a bar is constantly looking for ways that they can increase their profits while at the same time they offer good service and quality products to their customers.

To get into the ways you can improve your bar inventory control you first have to know what a bar inventory is.

The bar inventory is a list that includes all the products that the bar has in stock. This can include garnishes, drinks, decorative accessories etc.

The reason this is so important is that every business if it is run without proper supervision, will eventually go down the drain. For this reason, managing the inventory is the sole responsibility of the bar managers and their supervisors.

While it can be hard at certain times it can also be an easy task that won’t require a lot of tweaking to make it run smoothly and without any issues. However, to get there you need to change your methods management. Here are some tips that can help you increase your inventory control.

Running a proper bar inventory can lead to:


This is one of the most important parts of a successful bar. You can’t be a bar that is constantly having issues with shortages with your items on the list. People will soon stop coming if you are constantly running low on items that they frequently want.


The same issue happens here as with the shortages, this is an extension that happens behind the curtains. Usually, when something is running low the bar management gets frantic and starts ordering overnight.

This can lead to tarnished reputations with several of your local distributors, plus it will usually end up being more expansive to order something that needs to be delivered immediately.



By having a detailed analysis of your inventory, you can prevent theft, lower the amount of waste you generate by spillage and other issues, as you can train your staff and dedicate more resources when it comes to teaching them where they can improve.


While some drinks might be going like crazy, making you spend several of your stocked items, others might not be going so hot. If you an inventory system these items can surface and you can then create new ways how you can integrate them into certain parts that might attract the attention of your customers. You will create a way to get rid of your stocked items, in both the short-term and the long-term methods.


With tons of already mentioned improvements, the last part that will happen both naturally from those changes and by good management is that your profits will show a steady increase. By determining all the possible changes, you can make to your business, and your customers, the end goal, will be that your data will help you increase your profits. This can be achieved naturally over a certain period of time, or it can be boosted by hiring a special group that is dedicated to increasing your profits as soon as possible.

The most important part of categorization is to get extensive knowledge about everything that can influence your inventory control outcome.