How to Choose the Best Menu for Your Housewarming Party

You’ve finally moved into a new residence and your excitement is going to boil over like an unwatched pot of milk, and one of the reasons why you are feeling this way is that cool housewarming party you are throwing! We know that any party can be exciting and unforgettable, especially when you enjoy it with family members, relatives, friends and neighbours you find so dear, and it’s totally understandable that you want only what’s best for your guests, so everything needs to be perfect, including food. If you want things to go according to plan, you should start planning the menu right away, and here you can read about some ideas on how to choose something your invitees will be impressed with. 

Determine how formal or casual the gathering is

Before everything else, you will need to determine if the party is going to be formal or casual. If you want it to be formal, the meals should also be more elegant, so exclude snacks such as chips or pretzels. You can surprise your guests with some nice and delicious soup, and prepare something exquisite like oven-roasted pork tenderloin or maybe grilled sea bass.

Menu for Housewarming Party

Using seasonal produce is a good idea

Every season gives us different fruits and veggies that we love so much, and when you are planning your party, you can include the produce that’s at its peak at that moment. For example, if you’re having a winter housewarming party, you can use citrus fruits to make a number of delicious desserts, and spring is great because you can make outstanding starters and salads using any vegetable you like.  

We should mention one more thing – life in cities like New York is quite busy, so not many people might have time to prepare all the meals themselves because of other obligations, and it’s a great thing that you have the option to rely on a good catering company. There are many incredible catering companies in NYC, and they always tend to use seasonal produce to make remarkable meals. 

Pick a main dish and then everything else

Your main dish should be the first thing you decide on, and then you can start thinking about the rest of the menu. Whatever your main dish is, all the side dishes should complement those flavours. Furthermore, if you’re planning a heavy main course, the starters and everything else should be light.

Menu for Housewarming Party

Be creative with starters, salads, sides and dessert

Just because the main course is the most important part of the menu, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be creative when it comes to the starters, salads, sides and dessert. Here are some interesting entrée ideas that you might like. Go for something that stimulates the appetite and goes perfectly with the main dish. Also, make sure that your guests leave some room for the dessert and choose something all of them will like. You can find great recipes that only take five or fewer ingredients and aren’t too difficult to prepare. You can go wild with the decoration part of the process, so that everything looks tempting and impressive.  

Only one dish should be complicated

If you are the one who is doing all the work and preparing all the meals, it will be easier for you to choose only one complicated dish. Your guests will surely like everything you make, and they will appreciate your effort whatever you do. You don’t need to try too hard with the complete menu, because you will be too tired to enjoy your own party.

We love parties for many reasons, and good food is among them! A housewarming party is a perfect time to hang out with the people you care about and your new neighbours, and you can impress them all with a perfect menu! Follow these several pieces of advice and everything should work out just fine.