How To Find Motivation When You Are Down

Finding your own personal motivation is the key to reaching your goals. Most of us find it extremely difficult to find motivation when the going is tough and there is no reward at stake. A person who is motivated is determined and will stick to his goals no matter what. It takes a lot more than willpower to become motivated but once you do find it, life becomes much easier.

Make a to-do list

Finding your own motivation is not as difficult as it may seem. First of all, you need to make a to-do list of the things that are important to you and that you want to achieve. You can use your own list or a piece of paper where you keep notes such as what you have done, where you are, and what is left. It is always best to write down everything so you can track your progress over time. If you want to write in more detail, you can consider writing a diary.

diary with message to find motivation

Find a small reward associated with each goal

After creating your to-do list, you will need to find a small reward associated with each goal. This reward can be something that you would really like to accomplish if you were able to do it. One of the best ways to motivate yourself is to get something that is meaningful. Many people like many people find motivation by giving themselves small rewards for their accomplishments.

Some people use the technique of intrinsic motivation, which is basically finding your own personal reward and using it as the mechanism to get you to reach your goals. Intrinsic motivation is not external; it comes from within. Some people find intrinsic motivation by working on their goals until they finish them. For example, if an individual’s main goal is to lose weight, they may begin jotting down exercise ideas on a piece of paper. They might add things like “I will try to eat healthy foods today” and “I will count calories tomorrow” and so on.

Use the process of intrinsic motivation

Another way to find motivation is through the process of extrinsic motivation, which is external motivators apart from what you are experiencing inside your mind. In this method, you will find motivation from sources other than success. You could get motivated by feeling happy or by looking good. Both of these types of extrinsic motivation will work for some people, but for others, they will not result in any type of success.

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Intrinsic motivation can be a difficult process because many people think it takes too long to get started and they become bored after a while. They become frustrated because they feel like the road is going in the same direction and getting stuck. Many people also think that once they have their goals accomplished, there is no longer any room for improvement. However, many people who find motivation in doing their daily activities regularly can accomplish their goals.

You can start using intrinsic motivation by doing something that gives you pleasure such as cleaning your house or cooking a delicious meal. If you want to make your chores seem more challenging, think of how you would like to feel when you finish them. Think about the things that you would like to accomplish before you take on your task. Using this ritual can help create an environment in your home where you are not overwhelmed with the work and can focus your mind on the positive result you want to achieve.

To sum up

As you can see, self-motivation requires that you keep going with the process. It requires that you keep the long-term goal in mind and that you have the discipline to follow through with your plans no matter how difficult they may be at first. With persistence and with some practice, you will eventually find the method of self-motivation that works best for you. If you want to reach your goals and stay motivated, remember to do the things you love and keep going with your plan no matter how long it takes you.