How to Socialize as an Introvert

Introverts tend not to be very socially active. Extroverts like to socialize as an introvert. They thrive on it and thrive on interacting with the world. They get very frustrated when other introverts act extroverted and try to socialize like an extrovert. So how do you become more extroverted without seeming to be more outgoing? The answer is simple.

As stated, extroverts find more social stimulation (and human interaction) than introverts. However, the thing is, all too often, introverted people make friends too quickly and go out of their way to make new social contacts. This is a great idea, but unfortunately, it usually does not work out for introverts most of the time and often leads to further isolation, more rejection, and so on. True, extroverted people can get a lot of new social opportunities through various social outlets such as parties, clubs, groups, sports events, etc. But they are better off being introverted where they can develop social skills, gain confidence, develop themselves as people, etc… They can even make friends and develop long-term relationships while being shy and introverted at the same time.

Socializing as an introvert should come naturally to introverts. I have noticed that many extroverts seem to have this “thinking socialization” syndrome where they think they need to make friends all the time and go out of their way to do so. While being outgoing might be a necessity in some situations, there are plenty of situations where being quiet and keeping to yourself is the appropriate thing to do. Here are some tips for introverts to help them better socialize.

Take control

Learn how to socialize as an introvert by not letting your social conditioning take control. If you are used to always being the center of attention when interacting with others, then learn how to socialize as an introvert by removing yourself from the social scene. Don’t go out of your comfort zone when interacting with others – be alone and away from the situation to let your brain relax. When you feel your mind relax, then you will naturally become more social and comfortable.

Let people know that you are an introvert by wearing the right kind of clothing. Many extroverts choose to dress casually and in jeans all the time. While being more comfortable, it also makes you more likely to be alone and not be able to socialize at all. Therefore, choose light colors, simple and low-cost clothing, such as sweatshirts, t-shirts, shorts, etc.

Make new friends

Introverts can learn how to socialize more effectively by making new friends. However, if introverts make the same type of friends that they usually have, then they will feel as though they are being sucked into the same social circle, and will most likely remain alone. It is best to focus your efforts on making new friends with extroverts. This way, you will be able to avoid feeling trapped in a group that you don’t really belong to.

Venture into new situations

You can improve your social skills as an introvert by venturing out into new situations. As we mentioned earlier, many introverts get used to the comfort zone when socializing, so it is important to try new and exciting places and new things. Going out and talking to strangers and other extroverts will help you feel less isolated and get more out of your socializing experience.


You should learn how to enjoy socializing with new people. Being an introvert does not mean that you cannot be happy with new people and have fun. By learning how to enjoy new people and socializing with them, you can learn how to relax better and be happy with your social skills. By using these techniques, you will be able to socialize as an introvert effectively and feel comfortable with yourself in no time.