How to Surprise Your Man with a Perfect Birthday Party

Is your boyfriend’s or husband’s birthday coming up? If you usually do just a small gathering for friends and family, why not do something special for him this year and throw a fun surprise party? If you follow the steps below, you’ll throw him a party of a lifetime and really blow his mind with a nice surprise. With all his friends and family there, he’s guaranteed to have a blast. Here are a few steps to follow for a perfect surprise party for your man:

Pick a date

You might be thinking “What do you mean, pick a date, it’s his birthday!” but you don’t have to organize a surprise party on the exact day of his birthday. The key is to make it a surprise and to have as many of his favorite people as you can present. A day that’s around his birthday would be fine, preferably a weekend when he has no obligations or plans. Pick a date that he was supposed to spend with you—this way, he’ll surely be free for a party.

Book a location

Your man’s surprise party can be organized at home, at a bar or at his favorite restaurant, just make sure all the guests are informed of the location and parking situation. The best way to throw a surprise party is to choose a location you won’t have too many issues taking him to (you don’t want him getting suspicious). An accessible place close to home will remove many complications, so it’s a great choice.

Invite guests

When inviting guests, think about your birthday boy’s personality. If he’s more of an introvert, then just a few of his closest friends would be more than enough. However, if he’s an outgoing party dude, then make sure to consider an extended circle of friends, family members, work colleagues and closer acquaintances. And when inviting people, make sure to highlight the fact that you’re throwing a surprise party and that everyone needs to be hush-hush about it. Explain when and where they should come and where to part in order to avoid attracting attention.

Organize a surprise within a surprise

The party will be a surprise enough but why stop there? Make sure to provide your man with a special surprise within a surprise. For instance, you can fly in his buddy or relative who move to a different country. Or if your party is more of an adult type and your relationship is stable, you can book an exotic dancer. If you live in a liberal country, like Australia where it’s easy to book hot Gold Coast strippers, your guy and all guests present will have a blast. There’s something very naughty about a topless waitress or an exotic dancer that will warm up the atmosphere and put everyone in a good mood. Even grandma will enjoy the dancers because they are all super nice, kind and polite.

Prepare food and drinks

If you’re organizing a surprise party at a bar or any other establishment, you don’t have to worry about drinks or food, but for a house party, you’ll have to provide guests and the birthday boy with refreshments. Book catering because it’s the easiest and tastiest option that your man won’t suspect (you can’t really spend half a day preparing food for his birthday without him noticing). And don’t forget to order a cake. Guys often say that they don’t care about desserts, but everybody likes cake, so get him something fun and tasty.

Plant a decoy

While you’re getting everything set up for the surprise, make sure your man has a chaperone who will keep him occupied. For instance, the chaperone might ask the birthday boy to help them with shopping or go catch up with an old buddy—it needs to be something fun so that the birthday boy wants to go and stay for a longer time. As they are coming to the party, make sure to inform the decoy to text you before they enter so everyone can get ready with balloons and confetti.

When the birthday boy comes in, make sure to shout ‘surprise’ and film his reaction. This party is guaranteed to get a ton of laughs from him and even make him a bit emotional when he’s surrounded by all that love and blessed with the best partner ever.