How to Take an Outfit from Office Chic to a Nighttime Party

It is not strange to go out or to an event straight from the office. These days, we are overwhelmed with our daily life and sometimes it is hard to find separate outfits for work and nighttime.


This is why we need a collection of outfits that we can transform from office chic to nighttime party outfits. That will help us save time and money.

These simple tips will help you take any outfit from day to night.


The Pantsuit

The pantsuit is one of the hardest outfits to pull off because everything needs to be tailored perfectly. But that doesn’t mean it is impossible.

If you know that you will head out after work, make sure your daytime outfits incorporate a white shirt. It is very comfortable and suitable for daytime, furthermore is the perfect item for spicing up an outfit. For transitioning to night, layer on the accessories. Find earrings or a necklace that brings sparkle to your outfit. Specific accessories will transform your office outfit into a classic and beautiful nighttime outfit. Moreover, you can leave your blazer and feel more free and ready to party.



One of the biggest problems is finding a dress appropriate for the office and a night out. Comfort is the key while wearing dresses to the office. In addition, wear knee-length dresses, because they are appropriate for almost all situations.

For a day look, you can wear these dresses with classic pumps or booties. For accessories, you can wear a simple necklace or earrings. Likewise, you can add a scarf to make it more casual. On the other hand, for a night look, ditch the scarf, add a belt if it goes with the dress, and a sophisticated pair of earrings. To add more elegance to your transformation, you can wear watches. A variety of watches, like swiss made watches have a significant role in bringing your day outfit to a nighttime event. Different designs of watches have this power, so be careful while choosing the right one for your outfit.


Casual Office Wears

Not all companies have strict rules about dress codes. Some of us are lucky enough to wear our favorite band tee and jeans to work. But when it comes to attending an event afterward, things change. However, this transformation is not hard either.

During the day you can wear a tee shirt, a great pair of jeans and comfortable shoes. But when you know that you will hang out after work, try to choose a pair of heels that will make your outfit more extravagant. Furthermore, pay attention to your tee shirt or combine it with a cool blazer or jacket. And as always wear accessories that give your outfit a different look.



Nothing changes an outfit faster than having the perfect purse. Don’t take your normal work purse or tote bag. In that case, choose something a bit more extravagant like a stylish mini crossbody purse or a clutch bag.

These bags will make your outfit look more classic, fabulous, and ready to party.



If you tie your hair up for work, then for a nighttime look let it down at the end of the day. You can wear your hair up in a bun during the day, and when you let them down you will have some amazing volume and waves that will change your appearance.

Moreover, if you are going to the club, add a bit of glitter hairspray. That will make you shine and transform your whole look.



While working in the office your makeup is light and conservative. But when you know that you are going to hang out afterward, take your makeup bag with you.

Replacing your makeup will help you change your look completely. Add bold or darker eyeshadow and give your cheeks some colors. Sometimes all you need is the right color of lipstick and your entire look will transform.


Transforming an outfit is not hard to do, you just need to think outside the box. While embracing your unique style, you will find numerous ways of transforming your look from day to night.