Internet Cafés The Modern Phenomenon

Internet cafés are a modern phenomenon. They are growing businesses with a serious platform for development. Also known as Cybercafés – they represent a rare combination of services. They provide customers with food and beverages, but also with internet access. The internet provided is open to every patron, but there is usually a fee to pay. This type of service is a new aspect of hospitality and is increasing by the minute.


If you are thinking about opening a Cybercafé there are things you need to rely on as a safety net. Think about the wide range of services you can offer when working with this type of coffee shop. Besides the food and drinks people will inevitably buy, you can try to anticipate what else you could offer your clientele. You can have printers and sell papers, flash drives, CDs and DVDs. Maybe even a small but effective bookshop. This will increase your profit and strengthen your reputation as a unique place.


In hospitality, it is important to keep in mind that it is easier to keep regular and loyal customers than to obtain new ones. This means that you should provide an arrangement for customers who are regulars in the form of a discount or a membership card with perks. Since, the internet fee is usually paid by the hour, include, for example, weekly discounts for returning patrons.

Pamper-your-ClienteleThink about programs your clientele will need. Install all the elementary ones, but don’t forget some extras. For example, if you do get tourists or travelers have web-cameras ready if they wish to video call their family and friends.


Do not allow, under any circumstance, your customers to save anything on the computer hard disc, as this is a potential hazard to other customers and your entire system – ultimately your business. A lot of Internet cafés make use of blocking the ‘Save’ command entirely. Put up a sign explaining this to customers. Also, try applying the rule to close all programs when they’ve finished and turn off the computer. If this is something that cannot be put into use, employ a software that does this automatically. Better safe than sorry.

 Some people will wish to do office work in your caféSome people will wish to do office work in your café. Then again, you might be open to tourists who want to print maps or connect their cameras to transfer photographs. You will decide where you stand on these services and what your policy should be. Our advice is to allow it. Think about how bringing in more customers expands your options for profit, but do not do it for free. Remember to charge extra for printing, scanning or data transfer.


Keep the space well lit and comfortable. Keep the place more similar to a modern office rather than a lounging area. Make sure you have more comfortable chairs than couches. The goal is to make your place organized but pleasant. Play soothing ambiance music in order not to distract people who are working.