Is Jogging 3 Times A Week Enough

Jogging or slow running is one of the main natural ways to train the body in motion. You can run anywhere, it’s free, and this is an unusual way to keep your body in shape and maintain your vitality and health. All you need is simple running clothes, comfortable running shoes and a bit of goodwill.

It is optimal to run three to five times a week, lasting no more than 30 minutes, although many experts even argue about daily runs.

Fifteen minutes of jogging three times a week is enough to improve your health significantly, and thirty minutes of regular and proper running works wonders for your immune system! It has been proven that running increases the number of red blood cells that protect the body and destroy harmful bacteria, and this can even help in the fight against allergies and other skin problems, which in most cases are the result of problems with the immune system. Check socks on amazon that will help while jogging to avoid sliding.


Running strengthens muscles and endurance, relieves stress, and increases the percentage of enzymes that digest fat, so people who run regularly for three months can forget about diets. A good sock will help you to jog safely this product can be bought from amazon.

Jogging 3 times a week also prevents an increased need for sweets, as it lowers insulin levels in the body. The most significant benefit of jogging 3 times a week for the elderly is that it prevents osteoporosis and arthritis.

However, a feeling of boredom can sometimes affect regular running, so you should make sure that it never comes to stay motivated and on the go.


From time to time, change the route that you are following and the conditions in which you are running, or bring a friend! When you achieve basic stamina and discover the benefits and enjoyment that you derive from running, no one can stop you from doing this!

These are just some of the benefits that jogging 3 times a week offers. If you want to know more about jogging, be sure to check out all the benefits of running for your health.