Is Yoga Or A Gym The Best Way To Lose Weight?

There are so many different methods of exercise out there including the gym and yoga. Joining the gym is probably what the majority of people do when they are trying to lose weight/tone up, but is that really the best option out? Today we are going to be exploring the question, is yoga or the gym best to lose weight?

Yoga Vs Gym

– Yoga works every muscle in your body, you will feel stretching and aches in muscles that you didn’t even know you had. The machines in the gym are all different so work a number of muscles in your body too but definitely not as many as what yoga does. You actually train your body when you do yoga, which helps you improve over time.

– A gym workout will often help you lose weight and bulk up, but yoga helps you become lean and also improves your posture. You are more likely to get that look you have always wanted with yoga.

– You can do yoga anywhere, whether you are in an actual yoga studio or in the comfort of your own home. This makes yoga one of the best ways to lose weight because it’s easier to fit into your day-to-day life.


– It is surprising how many calories you can burn from a full workout. The moves take balance and co-ordination which is surprisingly tiring. You can burn the same amount of calories from one hour of yoga, than what you would at two hours in the gym. To discover more of the benefits,learn more at


We are all different and each of us enjoy a range of different exercises. Saying that, if you have never tried yoga, it is well worth giving a go. You will lose weight and there are so many other benefits to your health to consider too.