Professional Kitchen Essentials: The Ultimate Checklist

Your kitchen is often the most important room in the entire house. It is where the magic happens. This is where you cook, eat, and often spend some time in solitude with your morning coffee. If you love cooking, then it is important to equip your kitchen with the best essentials out there. On the other hand, if you own a resultant or any type of eatery, then it is crucial to get all the equipment in order to keep things running smoothly. So here is the ultimate checklist of all the things you need in your kitchen. 

Refrigeration units

A commercial kitchen requires larger appliances simply due to the workload demand. The same goes for refrigeration. If you are running a kitchen, then it is of utmost importance to keep all the products and ingredients safely stored in a fridge or a freezer. Leaving such foods out in the open can make them go bad very soon, and cause issues later. In order to avoid that, make sure to invest in a quality refrigerator and freezer. 

All the food prep supplies

Making food professionally means you have to take it seriously. This is why all the kitchen essentials should be on your checklist. Mixing bowls, prep utensils, serving utensils, and plates should definitley be on top of your priority list. If you’re running a high-end restaurant, then be sure to invest in beverage serving equipment such as champagne and ice buckets, stemware, and wine bottle holders. Cooking equipment is the most important part of your kitchen, so be sure to always have a grill, oven, kitchen range, and proper ventilation. 

A professional wok pan 

A pan like this is mostly used for preparing Asian, and Asian-inspired dishes. So if you enjoy eating this type of cuisine, then you’ll definitely benefit from getting a carbon steel wok. This simple cookware piece is an amazing addition to your kitchen since it is capable of making a lot of different tasty dishes. 

Storage solutions to make the kitchen organized 

Every kitchen needs quality countertops, that’s just a fact. But aside from that, the professional kitchen needs proper storage solutions to make the kitchen organized. Such solutions include kitchen racks and storage containers. Keeping the kitchen streamlined can make the food prep process much easier and straightforward, which is hugely important if the establishment is busy, to begin with. 

Maintenance gear 

This is crucial if you want everything to be properly taken care of. A sink, cleaning equipment, and a commercial dishwasher are all must-haves in any professional kitchen setting. The food service industry requires the utmost cleanliness, so it is your duty to ensure that your kitchen has all the cleaning supplies and equipment. Sink has three different uses: washing dishes, washing hands, and preparing ingredients. Therefore, be sure to invest in a sink that fulfills all your needs and purposes. Also, aside from the sink, it’s smart to get a professional dishwasher, so you can always have freshly washed dishes whenever you need them. 

Electronic equipment

Those who prefer things to be super organized should consider investing in kitchen electronic equipment. For example, restaurant management software is crucial for every restaurant. This software can generate and print invoices, manage your staff, manage your inventory and track your restaurant sales. The kitchen display system shows the customer’s order directly in the kitchen, as soon as the waiter accepts and confirms it. This is very useful since every kitchen staff member can easily see and track every order as soon as it gets placed. 


A professional kitchen needs higher standards and better equipment in order to accommodate customers. This checklist will help you get started and turn your professional kitchen into a true powerhouse.