The Importance of Creativity in Life

Creativity is often mentioned that it’s considered essential, but unfortunately, not many people try to truly understand what lies behind mastering the art of creativity. Some people are naturally more creative than others, and that’s completely fine, considering that only some of us can be painters, musicians, writers and designers, while others are more suitable for math, programming, analysing and menial work. This world is beautiful because it allows all skills and talents to be useful and important. Additionally, encouraging people, especially children, to be more creative can contribute to better problem-solving, fewer conflicts and overall, better mental health conditions, mostly among disenfranchised populations.

Therefore, teaching creativity from an early age can be inspiring and life-changing, and if you’re an adult who’s grown up with more conventional educational methods, here are some fun ways that will show you how to become more creative and resourceful.

Creativity can save lives, literally

Suffering from mental health issues is hard as it is, so learning how to utilize creativity and other ideas can help a person become more confident and eager to solve their problems. J. K: Rowling, for example, was a young divorced single mother when she went to that café to write the first instalment of what was yet to become the legendary Harry Potter series, while many renowned musicians started out as angry teenagers who needed to blow off some steam by playing an instrument in their parents’ basement. Just because some works of art might look pointless, ugly or disrespectful, that doesn’t mean they’re not doing their purpose. Every time an individual decides to channel their creativity and emotions through a creative outlet, they’re actually doing everyone else a favour, because keep in mind that there are always worse ways to channel your own pent-up emotions.

It also encourages thinking out of the box

Knowing how to sees things from different angles can be a great asset, especially if you work in an industry that requires you to be agile and think on your feet. Improving your creative skills, whether through painting or writing rap verses can help you become more resourceful and smarter, which will surely help you in life. Some situations will require you to be unconventional and accepting of differences, so getting a new perspective can help you think differently, especially if it concerns new situations that you haven’t been able to experience before. 

It can connect generations

Art and other creative endeavours can successfully bridge generation gaps and build stronger and deeper connections among people from all walks of life. For example, encouraging your children to creatively express themselves through drawing and painting can significantly reduce their anger and other behavioural issues, without causing them to act out. Furthermore, using educational toys and interactive stem teaching tools will successfully awaken a child’s creativity and make them more inquisitive and willing to learn while also building their creative talents. Some children will need more convincing than others, but as soon as they realise the beauty and importance of creativity, they’ll also become more impatient, self-confident and smarter.

woman expressing creativity

Creativity inspires craftiness

Nowadays, the internet is flooded with short videos that promote various crafty activities such as making your own flip-flops or using a glue gun to fix objects around the house. Even though these ideas seem quite random, it’s obvious that they’ve come from people who value imagination and problem-solving. Hence, being creative isn’t only about writing an epic novel or painting a mural, but rather about learning how to use a few resources to create something magical and useful. Using only a few ingredients that you have left to make a delicious cake requires creativity and smarts, therefore, it is a valuable creative activity like any other. So, doing things that require creativity and quick thinking can only be beneficial for everybody.

Being innovative can help with negative emotions

A lot of people suffer from emotional difficulties and repressed traumas, and even though classical therapy should always be the first line of treatment, sometimes, there are less conventional ways that can help with negative feelings and chill out with music. Drama workshops and painting classes can be an excellent way to deal with symptoms of depression and anxiety. Writing an interesting journal or working on a graphic novel can be a wonderful way to visualise your emotions and past relationships that have impacted your present state of mind. Instead of doing more extreme ways to act out your bad emotions, using creative outlets will leave you peaceful and proud of your accomplishments.

Final thoughts

Taking photos, singing, drawing and other creative projects can help you rebuild your life and become more open-minded. Creativity can be a way to heal and become more self-confident, just as teaching young people to foster their creative skills and be more emphatic will surely contribute to happier and more well-balanced generations in the future.