Top Eight Pieces of Equipment You Need When Opening Your Restaurant

Maybe only one step separates you from turning your dream of opening a restaurant into reality. You can already imagine the food on the plates, the guests, and the relaxed atmosphere. Still, opening a catering facility requires a lot of preparation and a substantial investment. Don’t know where to start? We bring you the top eight pieces of equipment you will need when opening a restaurant:

1. Oven

Preparing food in your restaurant is not possible without a proper oven. Each catering facility should have at least one commercial oven. There are also specialized ovens for certain types of food. For example, you can use a convection oven for baking bread and pastries, a combined oven for grilling, frying, or baking, or a pizza oven. The size of the kitchen and the amount of food you plan to prepare will be important factors that will affect your choice. You should invest in a quality oven that will last and sustain heavy everyday use over the long term, otherwise, it could cost you more money in the long run.


2. Ventilation

Smoke and steam are inevitable by-products in food preparation. A good ventilation system will provide fresh air in the kitchen and create suitable health conditions for your workers. When making the decision, you should pay attention on the size and power, electrical efficiency, and the level of noise ventilation systems produce.

3. Sink

There are many standards on restaurant hygiene, and according to them, a high-quality sink is one of the main elements which you will need, along with an adequate selection of kitchen accessories. There are different sink types you can choose from depending on your needs, and the most common model in commercial kitchens is a sink with two or three compartments which you can use for different purposes. For example, in one compartment you can wash the dishes, in the second one you can wash hands, and the third one can be used for disinfection.


4. Commercial dishwasher

The cleanliness of your dishes is as important as the quality of the food you serve to your guests.  The use of commercial machines prevents the spreading of bacteria and other germs. A dishwasher will save you a huge amount of water and energy required for heating it.

5. Refrigerators and freezers

High-quality refrigerators and freezers are necessary to ensure food quality. These devices are also indispensable to proper inventory management. For example, you can save up some money by cooking a larger amount of food that you will then freeze. The kind of refrigeration equipment you choose will depend on the needs of your restaurant and the layout of your kitchen.

6. Restaurant furniture

Apart from the kitchen, it is also important for you to properly decorate the front of the restaurant. The furniture should reflect the culture of your restaurant. You can buy space-saving sofas or tables and chairs that are easy to handle. You will need to strike a balance between a pleasant ambiance and a large seating area. The furniture needs to be comfortable so it can create a cozy atmosphere in which your guests can relax.


7. Small catering equipment

You also need to pay attention to the dishes, cutlery, and glasses you will use. Guests come into direct contact with this inventory, and its design should match the interior and work well with the food you serve. You should take particular care when choosing equipment and pick elements which you can replace in case of loss or damage.

8. Electronic equipment

Specialized software can help you manage your restaurant. It will allow you to issue invoices, organize staff, track sales, and manage the inventory. Apart from software, you need to get the proper IT equipment necessary for the functioning of the system. This includes computers, touchscreen devices (monitors and/or mobile phones), and specialized POS equipment.

On top of the equipment you will use in your restaurant, one of the most important decisions is the choice of employees. They will welcome your guests and prepare food for them. Invest in the catering’s management facility and show your staff you appreciate them, and their satisfaction will be visible to the guests who will be thrilled by the ambiance, the food and the service and keep coming back for more.