Top Wedding Trends for 2022

Delayed celebrations and all those restrictions made wedding planning worldwide a nightmare. With the pandemic came several trends that have quickly spread through various aspects of our lives and made us experience the new normal in a highly unexpected way. Have you ever thought you wouldn’t be sending paper invitations and save-the-dates, but go with digital ones instead? That’s just one of the trends that is taking over 2022 by storm. If you’re in the middle of your pre-nuptials, check out the trends that might tickle your fancy.

Metallic tones and diverse colour palettes

Colour choices are so vast that you’ll have some thinking to do before you choose your favourite one. Unless you already have the colour palette in mind, the top 2022 colours will knock you out. Metallic hues are an absolute showstopper. From centrepieces to barware and table décor, the edgy elegance is taking over the wedding venues worldwide. Whether you’re a fan of rose gold, yellow gold, silver or bronze, metallics are trending in 2022. The grey-green hue, Bridgeton blue and bright pink, orange and red colours are also popular colour trends for weddings in 2022.

Digital invitations

Since any type of celebration can get canceled at any moment because of the uncertainty of the pandemic, couples switched from printed invites to digital formats. With wedding dates being postponed, it’s more cost-effective to change the date on a digital invitation than to have to reprint an entire bulk again. RSVPing goes much faster and easier too, making the entire planning less stressful.

Wedding abroad

Have you ever considered a small, intimate wedding with only your parents and closest friends? Why not use the money you’ve been saving up to treat your loved ones to a trip to Australia and throw a bash there? When you come to the part where you need to hire a venue, Western Sydney will have some of the best sites in Australia. Explore the country, taste their food and enjoy a mini-vacation with all the people that make your life better. Many couples have eloped and tied the knot away from home, so follow their suit to have the time of your life.

Balloon décor

Balloons are the main part of bridal shower décor, baby showers, and birthdays for years now, making the entire event spectacular. Weddings get just as much attention when it comes to this type of décor. When you start planning your nuptials, include balloons in your big day. Would you like a balloon arch behind your table? How about a roof filled with balloons in your favourite colour palette? Pillar balloons are another innovative décor option that will make your special day even more magnificent.

Innovative wedding menus

Early cocktails, food carts, and mono portions are just some of the latest wedding trends that you’ll be seeing in 2022 when it comes to menu choices. Instead of a buffet serving, you’ll want to serve the guests with more thoughtful portions of food they’ll get in single servings. Another innovation in terms of menus is the food truck with a variety of favourite foods. How about you offer the guests a pizza truck or a BBQ truck? For the kids, there can be an ice-cream truck station or the one with cotton candy to keep them entertained and delighted with sweets.

In 2022 we’ll be seeing plenty of new wedding trends that will reshape wedding planning. You won’t have to worry about the invitations and save-the-dates because you’ll be able to modify them conveniently if need be. Get ready for the pop of colour, destination weddings and menu innovations to host the wedding of your dreams.