Types of Coffee Beans

There are generally four types of coffee plants in the world. These four types are Robusta, Arabica, olia, and Yabi. Each one has its own unique characteristics, flavors, and aroma. This article will briefly discuss the differences between each coffee bean type. It should be noted that there is little difference between Robusta and Arabica.

There are two other coffee bean types that are currently considered majorly important in coffee production. These are the arabica and the limerick. Arabica is the first of these two varieties to be harvested. It is a variety of beans that is native to Africa and Asia and is valued for its dark-roasted flavor. In fact, many consider it to be one of the best-tasting coffees in the world.


Arabica coffee beans in the world share the same characteristics as Robusta. They are all pretty much medium-sized with a medium green bean. Arabica tends to have a higher caffeine level than Robusta which helps it fight off illness. Arabica also has a bold, thick taste.

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Robusta coffee beans in the world tend to have a very milder flavor. It has medium-sized seeds and is a little bit darker than Arabica. Robusta also tends to retain its shape quite well unlike Arabica which tends to shrink after being ground. Arabica beans tend to have a fuller flavor, but the coffee bean Robusta is milder and holds its shape better when it is ground up.

Yabi is a new coffee bean that is only harvested from high-altitude areas of Mexico. These beans tend to not have as much caffeine as Robusta or Arabica. However, the flavor profile is highly flavored with a slight fruit flavor. It also holds its shape well after being ground which is why this coffee is perfect for making a wonderful coffee blend.

The second variety of coffee beans is the limerick. This bean was introduced by accident. It was originally grown in Ethiopia but later on, were moved to Brazil. Its characteristics are almost identical to Arabica but it is slightly less bitter. Because it is a new variety it is not commonly grown today but that may soon change because of the great demand for this unique flavor profile.

The final coffee bean in the world is called Arabica. It is produced mostly in Latin America and is valued for its flavor and aroma. It is actually the same bean as the limerick but it is roasted differently and therefore produces a slightly different flavor. There are several different levels of roast and this will affect the flavor.

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Coffee beans are truly an amazing product. You can get more than just coffee when you roast them. Roasting coffee offers several health benefits aside from simply giving you a great cup of coffee. Choose the right kind of coffee bean for your taste and you will definitely enjoy their unique flavors for years to come.

There are two types of roasting processes that you should know about. The first is a light roasting process that comes from light air or indirect sunlight to germinate the beans. This method is good for beans with bigger-sized seeds such as arabica beans. It is best to try different roasting methods until you find out which one brings out the best and most distinct flavor. When the beans are still wet, they should be kept in a dark place to complete their roasting process.

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Another popular way of roasting beans is the deep-roasted method. It involves very high heat and very little or no air time. This is often used to produce large batches of specialty beans. The downside is that these large batches can take a longer period of time for the smoothness to show up making it a very high-quality product.

There are several pros and cons to both methods. You can decide based on what your personal preference and budget allow. Some would say that the French press method is the more “appealing” way to brew. This is because it offers a higher degree of control over when the coffee is brewed since you can determine the degree of acidity based on the amount of water used in the brewing process.


To get the absolute most flavor from your cup of Joe, you should ensure that you roast your beans at just the right temperature. Roasting too early or too late can result in an overly bitter cup of Joe. Also, do not boil the beans because that will also affect the finished taste of your brew. Remember that the darker your coffee is, the bolder and stronger its flavor will be. So, if you are looking to have that perfect cup of coffee, always remember to keep these tips in mind.