Types of Sleep Disorders

Every human being understands the essence of sleep in their growth, development, and the everyday demands of life. With that in mind, each person endeavors to get enough of this basic necessity regardless of age, gender or status. Unfortunately, to a significant percentage of the population, falling asleep and remaining asleep the entire night is just but a fantasy. Although there are several contributory factors, the prevalent factor is sleep disorder.

In this article, we seek to demystify the different sleep disorders with the hope of shedding some light to the otherwise overlooked signs and causes.


The term insomnia is overly used, making it a household name whenever sleep disorders are discussed. It refers to a sleeping condition where an individual experiences difficulty either falling, remaining asleep or both. Its occurrence varies from a single night a week to consecutive days for several months, referred to as acute and chronic insomnia respectively.

Medical experts classify insomnia into two main types depending on the underlying causes of its existence. Where the problem is not caused by a health condition, it is termed as primary insomnia. In the event there are health factors such as asthma, depression, or medication in play, it is secondary insomnia. However, there exists other forms such as fatal familial insomnia which though rare is hereditary and may be life threatening.

Available treatment regimes are restricted prescriptions of sleeping pills and the Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia (CBTI).

Shift Work Sleep Disorder (SWSD)

With a significant number of employees working under the shift system, a significant number of people have their sleeping patterns disrupted either permanently or intermittently. As a result, some workers may experience either extreme of sleeping disorders- unending sleepiness and insomnia. Most of these cases remain undiagnosed due to the varying work schedules providing identifiable justification. It is not until its detrimental effects on a person’s life become tangible that a cry for action is made.

Fortunately, you can be proactive in addressing this concern once you notice either of the symptoms by seeking professional help. Modahq.org is one of the premium sellers who help people fight Shift Work Sleep Disorder. With their wide range of nootropics, they are committed to assist persons working under the rotating shift system get quality sleep and rest.


Parasomnias are disorders which occur before falling asleep, during sleep, or when one wakes up. They are characterized by unusual occurrences and mannerisms such as sleep walking, eating, terrors, sex, paralysis, and Rapid Eye Movement (REM).

Ideally, parasomnias are indicative of other sleep disorders, thus, can be addressed through treatment of the primary condition. Considering the associated risk of sleep movement, safety measures such as fastening door locks should be implemented. Medical practitioners may also prescribe Clonazepam or Melatonin where they deem necessary.