Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Right Workout Clothes

There’s a little truth behind any worn-out saying, including the one that tells you – when you look good, you feel good. Oddly enough, this one is especially true when working out. Thus, although the right meal plan and workout schedule are a must for reaching your fitness goal, your workout attire is just as relevant. Alongside a much-needed confidence booster, your fitness outfit holds a lot more than meets the eye. After all, it’s pointless to think about lifting weights in an uncomfortable hoodie. In the spirit of putting impractical and unfashionable workout clothing behind us, here are a few things to look for when putting together an outfit for the gym!

Appropriate work(out) attire 

In the fitness world, activity appropriateness takes precedence over everything, even color blocking. Therefore, rather than pairing colors, cater your outfit to your activity. While padded cycling shorts work wonders for mountain biking, they won’t be of much help during a group workout session. The wrong clothing will lead to discomfort and, with that, a lack of motivation as well. Before reaching the checkout counter, go through your workout plan one more time and see how the clothes you picked out fit into it. If a piece isn’t activity appropriate, it’s better to change it than regret it once you’re already in the locker room. 

Choose comfort 

Once you’ve found an outfit that’s activity-appropriate, it’s time to see how it fits. After all, just because certain shorts were made for running, doesn’t necessarily mean they fit like a glove. Shirts that are too small will limit your movement, while oversized hoodies will ride up every time you go into downward dog. While fashionable, attire is supposed to be invisible as well. It’s not something you should notice during a workout. Thus, alongside being right for the activity, make sure to choose clothing that’s right for you as well.

Know your exercise essentials 

These days, sports labels make clothes for just about every workout trend out there. The sports division of your favorite store probably has it all, from classics like basketball to newer trends like high-intensity interval training (HIIT). However, alongside these items, there are a few necessities required for just about any workout. For women, a quality sports bra is a must. After all, without the right support and comfort, any workout is doomed from the start. For men, the secret is in picking the right activewear. Although this may sound simple, finding a pair of shorts and shirts that work for both the gym and a run on the Sydney shores is no easy feat. Thus, when shopping for high-quality men’s activewear in Australia, make sure to cover the essentials before getting into the specifics.  

Check the tags 

More often than not, fitness newbies tend to choose their workout attire based on design, rather than quality. While it’s alright for the shirt to be in season, what it’s made of is even more important. Some materials simply work better than others when it comes to exercise attire – take cotton and synthetic fibers for instance. Rather than diverting it away from your skin, cotton absorbs moisture like a sponge, leading to your shirt being soaked in sweat.  Conversely, synthetic fibers release the sweat and let it evaporate into the air, keeping your skin dry for most of your workout session. 

Even though the amount of advice here isn’t plentiful, it is by no means insufficient. While picking the right workout attire is no easy feat, you’ve been let in on all the best secrets just now. Thus, the next time you find yourself in the sports section, grab some workout essentials, try them on, and never forget to check the tag!