What Are The Different Types Of Coffee Beans?

It is not uncommon for avid coffee drinkers to wonder just how many types of coffee exist. Understanding the kind of coffee beans, blends, and even acidity levels will lay a key role in your long-term coffee decisions. Here are the four types of coffee beans that you need to explore. Discusssed below are;

The 4 Types of Coffee Beans you Need to Know About

1. Liberica Coffee Beans


Grown in the Philippines, these floral and fruity-aroma coffee beans are quite popular in the US and across Europe. Aside from being caffeinated, they are inherently relatively bitter. Even with the smoky yet woody flavor, it features, it has become a favorite for so many people, especially those that need affordable instant coffee.

2. Excelsa

The popularity of the excelsa coffee beans, which originate from Southeast Asia, has increasingly grown in the recent past.

While these coffee beans are not as widely used, they are certainly appreciated for their tart as well as fruity flavor. They represent about 7% of coffee consumption in the world.

3. Coffee Robusta Beans

Coffee Beans

The Robusta beans enjoy great popularity in the US, coming second to the Arabica. Most of the people across the world find it easier to prepare these coffee beans at home. With a coffee maker from friedcoffee.com, you will easily enjoy the deep flavor and high concentration of caffeine in them. They thrive well in Indonesia and Africa.

4. Arabica Coffee Beans

The fact that coffee arabica beans dominate coffee consumption numbers across the world cannot be denied. Despite being costlier, their quality offers more value.

They have more acidity levels, with a wide variety of flavors to enjoy. These coffee beans are mainly grown in Latin America.

The choice of coffee beans will be dependent on your preferences, budget, and even availability. Make your choice wisely!