What Makes A Great Coffee Shop?


Make sure the coffee you serve is always top notch. This is definitely the main attraction and the factor which will make you or break you. If you don’t have good coffee no service, ambiance or location will make up for that.

Our suggestion is to provide freshly brewed coffee and always have a wide selection for customers. Apart from regular and decaf, try including organic on the menu as it is a growing trend.

Think about all the different blends and roasts coffees can have. Apart from the standard Irish coffee and Americano coffee, don’t forget about options like Ethiopian, Brazilian, Chilean or Argentinian coffee, just to spice things up.


TeaThis is often neglected but tea is also a profit turner in coffee shops. Since a large number of people are caffeine free tea is their next obvious choice. Our recommendation is to have an array of flavors but also different types of tea. For example, the most common way to serve tea is in a large cup with honey or lemon or both. However, Russian tea or Turkish tea is served in small glasses, containing just a few sips of dark tea with a very strong aroma. This can be interesting as a new experience for a lot of customers.


This is very important since it is the first thing people see. This will initially attract customers more than anything else you offer. Make sure you have enough space to make things interesting by including different types of seating. Some people prefer couches, some chairs and some bar stools. Make sure to have all three.

Make it colorful. Use wallpaper which will brighten up a room – any color from the warmer spectrum of colors like coral or hazelnut. Pick the same styled chairs in different colors and rearrange them everyday to keep things playful and inviting.


Always include food. If some of your guests get peckish you don’t want them going to another place for this service. You should provide them with that. Whether it be muffins, croissants, even small sandwiches or fruit – it will make a huge difference. This will increase your profit considerably and keep your clientele happy. Don’t burden yourself with extravagant dishes and complicated cuisine. You are not a high-class restaurant. Focus on the coffee shop aspect of your business.


You have to have people who know their coffee. In other words, you have to keep baristas who will not only know what the customer wants before they do but someone who will do it with a smile on their face. Also, your baristas will be the face of your place and build your reputation.

 homey coffee ritual with friends.Coffee shops are successful because of the overall feeling they give people. If it is a comfortable place with friendly faces, people will come back every day. This should be your main goal. Keep it calm and serene, without loud music or bad service. It should give a vibe of a homey coffee ritual with friends.