What Type Of Sport Is Weightlifting

Everyone is aware that weight training makes one stronger; however, some types of weight training give different results. Some weight training improves endurance, while others increase your maximum strength.

Different types of weight training can have different results. There are some methods of weight training will not do a lot in the way of endurance and strength, even if they produce exceptional results. By realizing different types of weight training, you can select the one that suits you.


Bodybuilders train in a particular manner to get a specific goal making their muscles bigger. This training is the best for making your muscles bigger but not necessarily stronger.

Brute strength powerlifting


Powerlifting is the best training for maximum strength. Most powerlifters’ goal is not appearance but its strength. Powerlifters dwell on lifting heavyweight for a few repetitions using the right form possible.

Quick circuit training

Circuit training is when you do a number of exercises in quick succession, usually lifting lightweight for more repetitions. This type of weightlifting training is excellent for increasing endurance, burning fat and gaining some strength. It is popular among fighters because it simulates whatever your body undergoes through boxing, wrestling or mixed martial arts match.

Isometric weight training

Handsome muscular man and attractive sporty woman are working out in gym. Couple making gym training. Squatting with barbells together

It is when you hold weight in one position for a certain period of time without any movement. This type of exercise increases your stamina, making you stronger in the position you hold. It is the best for athletes such as gymnasts and rock climbers who support their bodies in one position for long.

High volume training

It is similar to body buildings because you work your muscles once per week. It emphasizes on increasing endurance of the muscles per exercise. It makes your muscles bigger and better at maintaining resistance. It is done by performing one exercise at a time repeatedly ten times for ten sets.