When is the Best Time of the Year to Have Cosmetic Surgery?

Are you thinking about doing a little nip and tuck? Choosing the time of year to have your cosmetic surgery will be of the essence to cut down downtime and withstand the post-surgery period better. Depending on the type of procedure you’re undergoing, pick the best season to book your appointment. Consider your lifestyle and important events during the year so that you can plan for recovery accordingly. Check out which season is best for every type of cosmetic surgery.

Autumn season plastic surgery

If you’re planning to do body contouring procedures, autumn will be the best season for it. Autumn is the season of layered clothing which are ideal for concealing your bruises, scars or swelling. Once you’ve had active summer, you’ll be more likely to reach your goal weight, to help maximize success from the procedure. You won’t have to worry about high temperatures that make the makeup-wearing unbearable. Use all the skills from your DIY makeup routine to cover the post-op period. According to Australian experts, breast surgery, nose and face procedures or abdominoplasty, and liposuction are best done in the fall.

Surgery in winter

Are you looking to speed up the healing process after your procedure? Having cosmetic surgery in the fall and winter will be the best decision. Not only will the swelling go by quicker, but cooler weather will allow you to rest at home comfortably without needing to turn on the AC and risk catching a cold. The temperatures in Australia are the lowest between June and August, which is the perfect time to book a surgery with your cosmetic surgeon in Melbourne and start your transformation journey. Winter is ideal for any type of surgery, face-wise, breast-wise or tummy-wise. You can wear hats, scarves and turtlenecks alongside chunky sweaters to cover up until the swelling and scarring disappear. With oversized hoodies, you’ll easily hide a tummy tuck, breast reduction or liposuction. Winter is ideal for undergoing a facelift or brow lift surgery because you won’t be at risk of sun exposure as much as you would during summer. 

Surgery in spring

Undergoing a cosmetic procedure in spring is almost as good as booking it in winter. The temperatures are not as warm as in the summer but still higher than in the winter, allowing you to go through recovery in no time. Breast surgery and body contouring are perfect to book for spring. You can use spring holidays and long weekends to recuperate and have your spouse look after the kids. They won’t be too big a hassle as their school begins after the holidays, leaving you enough time to rest and recover just in time for the bikini season. 

Summer procedures

Are you planning to have an invasive surgery? According to Australian experts, summer is not the best choice for such procedures. You can easily forget about your scars and swelling and decide to lounge by the poolside in scorching heat, which will be counterproductive for your healing process. Don’t risk exacerbating prolonged swelling or damage to wounds but listen to experts’ advice and plan your invasive surgery in the fall or winter. Avoid booking a laser resurfacing during summer because you’ll need to keep the treated areas away from the sun for at least six weeks. Some of the procedures you can consider in the summer are Botox and dermal fillers, as well as rhinoplasty and a brow lift.

Final thoughts

Undergoing cosmetic surgery will require plenty of rest and time to heal. On top of that, you should think about the weather and consider if you want to conceal your swelling more or less effectively. While you can do cosmetic surgery whenever you want, experts still advise that each surgery is done at a specific time of year. Listen to them, to have a safe and successful cosmetic surgery with minimum downtime.